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Top 7 Free Music Website- Play And Download MP3 Songs

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the world-renowned American poet, was right when he said ‘Music is the universal language of mankind. Music, probably the only thing in the world that knows no boundaries, is capable of bringing people together across regions. Music is capable of bringing out all sorts of emotions from love to happiness or sadness. The best part about music is it is available for all. You don’t need to be special or have truckloads of money to enjoy music. It treats everyone equally and that is why music in its true form is an important part of our lives. In this blog, we will help you with the top 7 must-visit free music websites that can give you access to some of the best, soul-touching tunes out there.

Free Music Website

Technology has managed to bring the whole world closer. It has impacted the music industry too and in the most positive way possible. Starting from using various types of electronic devices to create new music to using technological systems to make music available to all, we should be thankful for the great technical investments that have made listening to music created in one corner of the world to an audience residing in another part of the globe.

There are some applications and websites that have a large library of music available, they may charge heavy amounts to access the music, but today, we will be talking about free music websites, because you cannot put a price on something priceless.

So, with this information, let’s begin our hunt for the best free music websites available on the internet.

1- Beatstars

It is a platform that is used to sell or buy beats or you can also call it music there are numerous free music files available on the website. Although not every song or track may be free on the site, most of them are. If you wish to filter for the free option, just select the tag titled ‘Free’ and you can download from all the options that are then displayed on the screen.


Some of the key features include

  • The ongoing partnership with Sony Music Publishing
  • Compatibility with popular mobile applications
  • The website focuses on selling or buying beats or beat-making

2. Bandcamp


Probably one of the few websites that encourage budding artists to connect with music lovers. It has been around on the web since 2008 and has managed to create a huge following in the last decade. The website allows new music creators to create and make their music available on the website directly for the listeners to access without the need for a middleman.

All types of music including some of the lesser-known ones like Reggae, and even music for kids is available on Bandcamp. To access the free music section, type in ‘Free Downloads’ and the list will pop up immediately.

3- NoiseTrade


The most unusual free music websites of all in the list provided. NoiseTrade has helped in generating awareness about the upcoming music players to a large extent. This is attributed to the site’s feature of making the music available in a bunch and not as a single or solo track. What we mean is, if you intend on downloading tracks, it will not be possible using NoiseTrade as the website has music files that contain multiple songs or tracks from the same artist and the entire set is downloaded as a zip file.

You will have to provide your email id to get access to the music.

4- The Internet Archive

The name itself sounds like a selection of secret documents or a society bent on changing the commercialized world of music. The Internet Archive, as the name suggests, is a non-profit organization that intends to create a catalog of music, books, websites, software, and related items. Wayback Machine is operating on the website, which means that you can visit websites on the Internet Archive in all forms that they have existed in the past. It sounds cool, and believe us when we say it is!

It has a vast collection of audiobooks as well and more can be found in the ‘Audio Archive’ segment. The site displays a lot of filtering criteria helping you browse through unlimited data quite easily. Everything present on the Internet Archive can be downloaded but there may be different file formats to choose from.

5- SoundCloud

If you are a music lover, you must have already heard of this one. Now the question is does it have an option of creating a premium account but it is paid, so how does it qualify in our list of free music websites? Well because you can still access a lot of music free of cost with a basic account.


The application or the websites also offers artists to create music and sell it to the listener free of cost thus encouraging the music industry in general. The website is highly recommended even if you plan to sign up for a basic account because it is worth it.


The younger generation may not have heard of it but it was one of the go-to options for music lovers in the past because it gave access to free music. The site was discontinued after 2014 but still exists on the internet mostly to make music recommendations influenced by the music listening habits of the users. You may still find a small section of free music available for download and we recommend you give it a try. You never know what you may find.

7- ReverbNation

Launched in 2006, it is a group for producers, venues, and artists to come together and collaborate. You may discover new artists on the website and some of the best music options. Look for the Free MP3 Download option to access free music



Music has managed to set in a revolutionary movement. It is something that has transcended from the beginning of time and will stay long after we are gone. Music artists are regarded as some of the purest souls in the world, and rightly so because they can create tunes that have the power to change emotions. In the end, we hope that we have helped you find some answers if you are looking for free music with our list of top 7 must-visit free music websites.


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