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Four Tips To Browse More Securely With VPN

There are so many benefits you can get by using VPN. Not only can you protect your privacy while going online, but you also can bypass geo-restrictions and access your favorite content no matter where you are. If you want to make sure you are perfectly secure when accessing the internet with VPN, here are some useful tips for you.

Four Tips To Browse More Securely With VPN

Keep the Firewall On

There are many people who turned off their firewall to improve the connection speed. While it is true that turning off some security features can make the connection faster, you should never resort to this. Whether you are using VPN or not, keeping the firewall is a must. Otherwise, you are putting your computer in a very big risk. If you want to improve the connection speed while using VPN, changing the VPN location to a closer location will be much easier and also safer.

Pay Attention to Cookies

VPN might mask your IP addresses as proxies and keep you anonymous when accessing the internet. However, it doesn’t mean that the browser doesn’t record your internet activities. This is why you should pay attention to cookies. Actually, cookies are designed to improve your internet experience by remembering your preferences when you visit certain websites.

However, there are plenty of cases where the cookies are used to track your activities, and then sold to third parties. So, if you really want to protect your privacy while using VPN, make sure to filter the cookies and delete them regularly.

Use Untraceable Currency to Make Payment

There are plenty of free VPN services that you can take advantage of. However, it is not a secret that paid service is always the best option, especially if you really value your privacy and anonymity. However, you must be careful when you want to make a payment for the paid VPN service. You have to remember that when you pay using conventional methods and currency, you will have to reveal your personal information.

Therefore, if you want to keep anonymous, it is best to use untraceable currency to make the payment. With untraceable currency, your privacy and anonymity will be protected. Furthermore, since it is impossible to track back the payment to you, this payment method is also more secure.

Choose a VPN Service that You Trust

Last but not least, make sure that you really trust your VPN service. This is very important if privacy is your main concern. You want to make sure the VPN service is not snooping on you by logging your IP addresses connection time and your other internet activities. Because believe it or not, there are many VPN services that log your internet activities and make money out of it by selling them to the third parties.

VPN is indeed really helpful. However, VPN alone will not be able to protect your privacy. You also should pay attention to those tips above so that you can browse the internet more securely. Furthermore, don’t forget to do some researches before choosing a VPN service so you can pick the most trustworthy service.

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