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Five Best APIs Every Developer Should Know

Five Best APIs Every Developer Should Know

APIs offer you a service that would take years to build. Most of them are either free or very cheap compared to the help they provide. That’s why Every developer should at least know about the most useful APIs to deliver the best work to his clients.

Geolocation Tracking

You should always integrate an IP geolocation API in the websites of your customers. It will use the IP address of a visitor to track their location. This tells businesses a lot about their prospects, and they can use this data to provide a better user experience and devise better marketing campaigns. It is also crucial when you have to show different content or subset of a website to the audience of different regions.

Google Maps

Google Maps is, without a doubt, one of the most useful APIs that shows perfect results. This API will allow you to show the office or franchise location of the business. There are also many services that require Google Maps.

WhatsApp Business

Two billion people use WhatsApp today. You can integrate its API to contact website visitors directly on WhatsApp. This makes it easy to communicate with potential customers. It is highly unlikely that an internet user isn’t using WhatsApp, so the webmaster will almost always be able to initiate a fast conversation.

Fetch Demographics from Email

Businesses use their websites to generate leads. A lead is a visitor that has provided his contact information, mostly an email address. Using an API that fetches demographics from just email addresses, the website can get information like age, gender, location, and social media. It would tell almost everything a business needs to know about a potential customer.

Built-in Social Login

Instead of creating your own signup page and using the email address for verification, you can make the process easy for both the website owner and the user. Use an API that uses social media login to register a visitor automatically.

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