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How To Identify Warm Leads With A Visitor Tracking Tool

You might have huge traffic on your website but your generation numbers might not be changing at all. If you have so many visitors then you should be selling right? However why is it not happening? The thing is your visitors are simply not converting. They only come to your website, look around at the information you have to offer, but they do not feel compelled to make a move and get what you want are selling. A visitor tracking code is one of the smartest tools you can use to identify any potential warm leads on your website. Let’s dig in.

How To Identify Warm Leads With A Visitor Tracking Tool

Identify the anonymous website visitors

Sometimes even for experts with a great conversion rate optimization have a hard time maintaining the B2B leads. This is usually agonizing for most businesses especially when they have invested in creating content for the prospects only to lose out to their competitors. The problem is that inbound marketing only relies on these prospects, and what they choose to do. Inbound marketing has been proven to be very effective, but sometimes you probably feel impatient and wonder why it’s taking so long especially if you have a sales target with current to reach.

Outbound marketing on the other hand uses quite a provocative approach. However, you should try using a visitor-tracking tool so you can see what kind of businesses are exploring your website. This is a sales enhancement tool, and there are so many tools on the market you can use to track your visitors for the sole purpose of lead generation. Once you can see what businesses are browsing your content, it will be easy for you to make smart marketing decisions. You will actually have a possibility of recovering some of the anonymous visitors you might have lost.

What will a visitor identification tool offer you?

Visitor identification tools will offer you the ability to discover anyone leads on your website. They will do this by revealing the decision-makers and businesses on the website. It will come at a price, but whatever you pay for it will be well worth it. Some of the stories actually come with very impressive features such as the ability to connect you with those leads in real time. This means that your sales team will have an ability to contact the customers as soon as you identify them. Your marketing team can also observe the browsing behaviors of this customers and gain knowledge about the targets personas.


There are many visitor identification tools in the market that you can use. Ensure that you get one with all the features that will help you reach your goal. Once you take the time to filter your visitor’s data, your sales team should be able to see the leads that really matter to your business. The leads unveiled by the tool will be those that have the most potential, and you will have an easier time of pursuing them. Tracking these leads will be one of the best ways for you to close sales, so this too will be really worth having.

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