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4 Actionable Ways to Find Almost Anyone’s Email Address Online

An easy-to-follow guide on how to locate a person’s email address by searching for them online

So, you are embarking on an email campaign? Cold emailing is a top marketing tool that should not be sniffed at.

Email marketing is arguably the most effective marketing method, more so than social media, SEO optimization and other clever ways that we once thought were superior.

For your email campaign to be successful, you need to send out a lot of emails. So, you will need to find email addresses online. But how?…

 Find Almost Anyone’s Email Address Online

You can find a person’s email address by name. Assuming that you do have this and that this is all you have.

Let’s take you through the best options you have to search for people online…

Google Them!

Yep, that’s right. The obvious and beautifully simple method, or so it may seem…

Although you can simply enter the person’s name followed by ‘email’ or ‘email address’, and you may find what you are looking for – what about a step-up method: Advanced Google searches

This entails the use of email lookup tools and offers more specificity for what you are searching for.

Otherwise, when “googling” somebody, you may find a personal website or blog if you are lucky… perhaps a company website at a push.

Company Website

If you have found their company website or perhaps a personal blog – then they are highly likely to have a newsletter that people can subscribe to – for their own email marketing.

So, why not sign up to it?

Think about it: you will receive an email straight away – and you have your email address, or certainly an email address.

Tip: That said, if you know what company they work for, then check out what email domain that the company uses. You can likely put together the person’s business email address as follows:

However, chances are, most of what you will find on the person when googling them – are their social media pages. So, you will be wondering how to utilize them…

Social Media

Although generating email leads using social media is a good method, you can use social media more directly and effectively…

Bear in mind that the majority of people’s social media pages are set to private. To access their information, you most likely will need to connect with them. Or so you thought…

Did you know? You, I, and everyone else with a Facebook account has a Facebook email address.

Ever used Facebook’s Messenger? The email address you didn’t know you had is used for this. All it is – is username + So, there you have it – over 2 billion active email addresses for you to cherry-pick from!

You may find that the person you are searching for has their page set to public. You may be able to swiftly find their email address but it is not guaranteed.

Tip: If you have stretched your manual efforts as far as they could go, and all you have is a name and a potential social media page set to private – which is a very likely outcome – you could reach out to them and send your email marketing message to them directly.

However, the result of this will likely lead to failure – and you would have to spend a lot of time manually doing this for however many people you want to add to your email campaigning list.

So, instead, try the best method of all…

People Search

This is an effective way of attaining a person’s email address online.

It is fast and easier than having to manually search for someone’s email address – yourself.

You can perform a quick research check with a

By conducting a people search you are taking the legwork out of searching for someone’s information, by using a people search engine that has people’s information stored in one place for public access.

You can search for people online simply by having their names. Additional information helps – and you are most certainly able to find a person’s email address through a people search if you have their phone number or address.

Final Thoughts

How to find someone’s email address…

By searching people online, you can find their email address by name.

Google searches and social media pages are simple and effective ways. However, you may find limitations with them. Luckily, Google offers the use of their Advanced Search, and within social media, you can try to work out someone’s Facebook email address.

You may also find a person’s company information and obtain an email address from this, or, alternatively, you may perform a people search.

After all, try all of the above. At least one of them should work for you. Moreover, while searching, you may very well come up with a new way that will get you the email addresses you’re looking for!

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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