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Everything You Need To Know Before Downloading Photoscape

It doesn’t matter how many photo editing software we use, the urge to find one more photo editor with added features is never-ending. There is always some missing feature in the editing software. To help you in this quest of searching for better photo editing tools, here I am going to introduce you to a better yet simple photo editing software i.e.., PhotoScape. It is photo editing software that is available completely free of cost with no in-app purchases involved. Firstly, let us take a look at some of the primary and useful features.

Know Before Downloading Photoscape

Features of PhotoScape

Despite being a free tool, PhotoScape comes with some useful and time-saving features. Here they are.

Photo Basic Editor and Batch Editor

Primarily, PhotoScape has a basic photo editor where you can crop images. It has a brilliant crop editor with unusual crop ratios like 8×11 and 4×6. You can enhance or adjust color, brightness, and background. You can also resize the image. Add effects, clip-arts, and overlay on the original image.

Batch Editor allows you to edit multiple at once. Batch Editor allows you to perform almost all the functions available in the basic editor to several files at once which includes frames, objects, color, text, tone adjustments, resizing, sharpening, and many other effects. You can also review the results before exporting one or all of the photos with your changes. You can save your batch editor settings as a configuration file for future use.

GIF and collage creator

PhotoScape helps you to create GIFs by adding multiple pictures.

You can also make collages by adding several photos in one frame. PhotoScape has multiple collage layouts which allow you to create different collages with as many pictures as you want.

JPEG converter

You can convert the RAW format of the image to JPEG format.

Screen capture

PhotoScape has an option using which you can capture the screen click and save it into the PC. This tool works on any application on PC. Using this feature, you can also make box selections in particular and take screenshots.

Face Finder

PhotoScape also detects faces in the pictures with the help of the internet and it can group people and find images based on faces when you search.

In addition to these features, PhotoScape consists of a featured printer using which you can print an image in multiple formats such as passport size photo, or a graph, calendar, and others.

These are some primary features of PhotoScape. There are additional tools such as color picker, splitter, and other effects. You can find more useful features when you explore on your own.

Since the software is completely free to use, there has always been hesitation among users whether it is safe to use. Let us know a bit about this.

Is it Safe?

Although PhotoScape has several useful editing features, it cannot be used as an alternative to any professional photo editor applications like Adobe Photoshop, Serif Photo Plus, and others. PhotoScape is a very basic photo editor tool that is just designed to make photo editing easy and fun. You cannot add any artistic effect.

There are no major threats noticed from the software. However, while searching for the tool to download you may find malware and fake links from other websites which may mislead you to some other fake and malware software. So, make sure you download directly from the publisher site

Now, if you want to download the PhotoScape on your PC. Here is the process:

How to download PhotoScape?

PhotoScape has a pretty straightforward website, where you don’t need to navigate to multiple sections to download. It is quite an easy process.

Make sure you visit the below links to download but not any other third-party website.

Open the links below in any of the browsers. Navigate to see the download link. Click on download. Once the download is complete, you can install software in the system. If you want to download software on multiple systems, you can save and store downloaded installation files on a USB.

To install the software, run the PhotoScape executable file.

Now, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Once installation is complete, you can run the program from the desktop or Start menu. You don’t need to sign up or create an account to use the tool.

PhotoScape is supported on both Windows (98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/10 versions) and MAC OS. Here are the respective links for Windows and MAC OS.

Download PhotoScape for Windows

Download PhotoScape for MAC

You can also search the PhotoScape app in Microsoft App store for Windows and Apple store for MAC.

Bottom Line

PhotoScape is an editing program that offers an easy and fun editing tool to edit images captured by mobile or digital cameras. It is Korean-based software launched in 2008. It has Korean and English as default languages but currently supports more than 37 languages.

Although it does not replace any professional editing tools, it does satisfy the purpose of a basic photo editor. As an editing software it fulfills the needs of an average person who is not editing professional. One of the best part is that the application does not throw annoying pop-up ads while using the application. The UI was a bit confusing and messy in earlier versions but over the years, multiple versions of the application have been released with many more enhanced features and filters such as dark mode, replace image filter, matte filter. Latest version of the app also lets you record actions performed on the app. However, it is not yet recommended to be used by professionals. PhotoScape is recommended if you are a beginner in editing and if you want to explore photo editing tools, filters, and basic features to understand them. In addition to these, PhotoScape is a lightweight tool that does not affect your system performance. Being a free tool, PhotoScape is definitely worth trying.

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