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The Massacre of Santa Clara

talking about the Massacre of Santa Clara, some people might imagine a war. However, this is about a completely different manner. This is the name that was given to a match played at the 2016 Copa América Centenario. All editions of the tournament are featured at, where users can bet and enjoy their games like in no other place.

Let’s put things in context. The group stage results of the tournament, which was celebrated in the United States, had already been decided. Mexico qualified as the first team of their group. Also, there was Chile, who managed to qualify second to Argentina with a lot of difficulties and struggles. Due to their results, they were going to face each other in a match that promised a lot. All the matches of the Copa América can be wagered on at 1xBet, where lots of different betting options are available.

The match

As previously said, Mexico seemed much more solid than Chile prior to this match. Many thought that Mexico had more winning chances. Nevertheless, this contest was expected to be quite tight. Whenever these teams play, make sure to make your best bet live from 1xBet bookamker on these squads, as they have good winning odds.

The match took place on the 18th of June 2016. In fact, 17 days before, both teams faced each other in a friendly, where the Mexicans won 1-0 with a goal scored by Javier Hernández. This new match started quite even. After a pretty close game with solid defenses on both sides, Edson Puch scored 1-0 for Chile. Prior to the end of the first half, Eduardo Vargas scored 2-0.

Many Mexicans were quite surprised by the result. But it was still possible to turn things around. After all, they still needed to play the entire second half. However, nobody imagined the nightmare that would come for the Mexicans. When these high-scoring matches take place, make sure to enjoy them live and make your best bet from the excellent 1xBet bookmaker, as it can provide great ways to follow them.

The massacre

Prior to the 60th minute, Chile was winning 5-0. It is fair to say that neither the most pessimistic of the Mexicans, nor the most optimistic of the Chileans would imagine something like that. The match ended 7-0. Those who decided to go to 1xBet – make your bet football online on the Chileans certainly were extremely happy. The goals were scored by:

  • Edson Puch;
  • Alexis Sanchez;
  • and Eduardo Vargas;

The 70 thousand fans that were at the stadium, of which most of them were Mexicans, couldn’t believe it. Their national squad suffered their worst defeat ever, and a humiliating exit to the 2016 Copa America. But this competition offers many other matches, on which it is possible to make your online football bet on 1xBet, and enjoy its chances.

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