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Does Playing Violent Gaming Cause Change In Behavior And Anger Control?

Well, no one can deny the popularity of video games among teens, children and adults. The newest games and sleekest consoles often dominate discussions at school and around the dinner table. However, excessive hype over video games can concern parents who wonder if video games with violent content can be detrimental for their kid’s behavior.

Playing Violent Gaming Cause

On the other hand, the video game industry is a massive one with huge revenues and turnouts. What’s more, there has been stiff competition between various video games companies to create interactive and realistic games. From war games to vehicle robberies, many of these games feature immense acts of violence.

What’s worse, a majority of these games are played by children. Well, you can encourage your children to start playing poker. Poker doesn’t have any form of violence and can reasonably be beneficial for the overall mental development of your kids.

Leading Associations of Psychologists are Vocal on the Repercussions

It is important to note here that leading associations of psychologists are quite vocal on the repercussions of violent games on children. As per them, a clear link exists between your kid’s aggressive behavior and the type of games they play.

Quite interestingly, psychologists have carried out extensive research on how video games affect the mindset of young children. They came to the conclusion that violent games can lead to reduces social interaction and decreased empathy. But they also agree on the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever of a link between violent games and criminal behavior.

Why can Video Games cause Violent Behavior?

As per many researchers, some kids are more likely to show aggressive behavior. One factor which may significantly influence their behavior is the habit of adults to model themselves with the protagonists or the heroes of the game. The act of firing bullets with ease or successfully evading obstacles can inspire children to set unrealistic objectives before them.

And when they try to achieve these unrealistic objectives, they tend to exhibit violent and aggressive behavior. Another pool of researchers is of the view that excessive exposure to video games can have serious repercussions for the academic excellence of your kids. Children, especially the younger ones, face difficulty while concentrating on a particular topic.

On the other hand, they also face extreme difficulties while pursuing any uphill task, which requires a good deal of concentration. However, as parents, you should be proactive. For instance, develop in your children a habit of playing poker so that they can get rid of violent games.   

Setting Healthy Limits in Kids

As per psychologists and researchers, the most potent protector against problematic behaviors is a healthy relationship with your kids. In short, you should encourage your kids to communicate with you so that they can sort out issues. Moreover, with regular communication, parents are more likely to empathize with kids. Here are some of the ways with the help of which you can set healthy limits in your kids.

Establish Rules  about Video Game Use

Well, you should teach your kids that playing games are a privilege and not a right. That’s why parents need to set clear and consistent rules on playing games. Here is the list of some rules you should include.

  • The total duration of gameplay your kids can indulge in
  • Ensure that your kids are aware of responsibilities before they can play video games
  • Teach them about the significance of maintaining proper sportsmanship while playing games

Warning Signs to be aware of

Here are some of the warning signs you should be aware of when your children are playing video games.

  • Excessive irritation
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Alterations in Behaviors
  • An increased amount of aggression which depicts kids can learn violence
  • Excessive interest in weapons or unrealistic behaviors as shown in the games

It is worth noting here that these signals can imply a lot of things. But in case they co-occur, you shouldn’t ignore them. It takes a great deal of time and effort to cure aggressive behavior emanating from video games. Let’s hope that the points, as mentioned above, would help you to address the issue of aggression.

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