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What Are The Reasons For Popularity Of Video Gaming?

Video games or esports provide an escape from everyday life, but in recent years they’ve grown beyond that to become a very important part of our culture. As gaming becomes more commonplace among younger generations and it seems to be growing in importance as well as reach within society. It is clear that for many people video gaming is nothing short of essential. However, why? Let’s discuss what makes esports so popular.

Video Gaming


For many reasons video gaming is considered by many as the god of all entertainment. This wide variety of different kinds of games to play, along with a variety of different personalities and characters make video games the most popular spectator sport of all time.

Not only do we see people who are normally intimidated by sports being able to participate in a casual game, but it is common to see people who have never played a sport before be able to partake in esports competitions. The best part is that this not just limited to people with disabilities as well and for a support players can visit proconfig.


The rewards that come from playing video games beat out all other forms of reward available. While there are people out there who can beat you at pool or poker, it is less likely. In addition to this, even if you do win a competition in one of those sports you will most likely not make any money or become famous. In that regard, video gaming is far more profitable and a lot more fun than playing pool.


Video gaming, as you may imagine, is very competitive both online and offline. People love to compete no matter what they are doing, video games keep people’s competitive spirit alive while still allowing them to work together with friends to achieve a common goal. This is something that is totally unique to video games, it is difficult to find a sport that can offer this kind of competition and unity.


Another important reason we love video gaming is the fact that it promotes learning and helps people develop skills they could do without. For example, someone who loves overwatch might not be very good with a controller or button mashing all the time. However, by playing games they can learn new skills and improve their aim, hand-eye coordination and other qualities needed in any sport.


With all this information in mind, we can conclude that video gaming is the god of sports. All other sports pale in comparison to the amount of money and praise that are brought to their jock counterparts, while the size of their spectatorship pales in comparison to esports.


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