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Do You Really Need Tempered Guard Screen Protector For Your Mobile?

Smartphones screens make or break your experience. This is also the second most expensive element of the phone to replace. If you value your device, apply a protective screen film to stop scratches and other damage. You may have doubts – whether to buy a cell phone screen protector or not? Here is a quick guide to understanding tempered glass screen protector and why do you need to buy it –

Really Need Tempered Guard Screen Protector For Your Mobile

What is a tempered glass screen protector?

Mobile tempered glass, as the name implies, is made of glass with a process of heating the glass to form a sheet, and then rapidly cooling it down. Resulting into a piece of glass that is slightly more durable. Plus, Its rigidity simplifies the application, and you can carefully align it, and then paste it. In addition, it is much easier to remove the protective film on the screen than to replace the damaged display of the phone.

Do you need to buy a screen protector for phone?

You saw ads for Gorilla Glass screens on your phone. So your smartphone still needs a screen protector? Yes, if you need to make your phone operate for a longer duration of time.

Today, most smartphones boast about having Gorilla Glass, Dragontrail or other such scratch-resistant glasses. This type of glass is resistant to scratches and cracks, but it is not reliable. Some objects, such as beach sand, can quickly damage your screen.

And if you do not have a phone with a best tempered glass screen protector, you will spend a large amount. Though, cell phone screen protector are also vulnerable to such scratches and cracks. But screen protector act as an additional level of security, which you sometimes need.

Plastic protective films vs tempered glass

Really Need Tempered Guard Screen Protector For Your Mobile

Basically, you will find two types of protective devices for the screen: a plastic film and

tempered glass. Plastic protective films have long existed, and you probably saw them or applied them on your phone. They look like a small sheet of plastic. You must stick to them carefully, as they easily bend. Plastic protectors are quite cheap, and you will find a pack at dirt cheap rates. However, plastic protective devices are not very strong, so they do not help in case of falling and breaking. They are decent for normal scratches, but tempered glass will be much more resilient.

Plastic film is available in two versions: wet and dry. Wet-apply offers more elasticity, but after a while will look poisonous, like an orange peel.

Over the past couple of years, screen protector glasses made of tempered glass have become more popular, especially with a large drop in prices. Now you can buy cell phone screen protector online, which is a small investment to protect your phone for hundreds of Rupees.

Really Need Tempered Guard Screen Protector For Your Mobile

Protective screen guard provide better resistance to scratches and, more importantly, isolate your screen from droplets. Tempered glass also more accurately simulates the feel of your actual screen, which makes it much more enjoyable to use.

Of these two, today it makes sense to buy a screen protector made of tempered glass. You will only spend a couple of Rupees to get much more protection.

Now, the question is, where do I buy tempered glass in India? You can buy tempered glass screen protector at cheap price from skin4gadgets.

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