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What is UX and UI Design?

These four letters – UX and UI – are very common in today’s marketing and IT world. But what do they exactly mean? What are the UI UX design services? What’s the difference between UX and UI? And, finally, what roles do these areas of design play in your project? Well, it’s time to find out!

What is UX and UI Design

In fact, we could say that UX and UI have a lot in common. Both these areas are based on providing users with top-notch experiences and making digital products they use (apps, platforms, websites) usable and intuitive. However, you shouldn’t mix these two terms, as the roles of UX and UI are significantly different. To make this question more understandable, we decided to make a short comparison. Let’s start with UI. This way, it will be easier to explain the difference.

What do you need to know about UI?

UI stands for the user interface. This area is focused primarily on designing interfaces that are intuitive, nice to look at, and functional. We could shortly say that each dashboard, whether we talk about Google Analytics or a complex B2B platform, is an example of UI.

UI revolves around everything users interact with, from buttons and screens to fonts, colors, and animations. It’s a more technical part of IT/marketing design. In other words, UI designers concentrate on the way your product looks and feels. Moreover, to ensure full product and brand consistency, UI designers are frequently responsible for creating so-called style guides explaining how each product element should look.

With this part done, we can switch to UX.

UX = user experience

UX is a much more comprehensive term. It focuses on users’ experiences, especially feelings and emotions, while interacting with the product and the brand itself. UX designers analyze the entire customer journey, indicate major touchpoints, and ensure that experiences are flawless at each touchpoint. This approach can comprise websites, social media profiles, online stores, but also hotlines, delivery, payments, and after-sales services.

UX designers want to know how your customers interact with your brand, where they find out about it, and what they have to do to achieve their goals (to place an order, find a solution, use the service they need). Next, this knowledge is used to make sure users are satisfied with the interaction, no matter where it happens and at what stage of the customer journey.

Shortly put, UX designers always strive to achieve optimal user-friendliness from the very first contact with the brand to closing the deal. Although we have to admit, UX designers are most often focused on digital experiences.

UI or UX – which one do you need?

In fact, every digital product needs both these fields of design. You need UI to make sure your mobile app is intuitive to use and functional, and you need UX to make sure that your app and everything that relates to it is user-friendly and ticks all the right boxes. If you’re currently working on a digital project, find out more about UI UX design services and pick a reliable partner. This way, you will ensure your future product will look and work exactly as you need it to.

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