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Shipping Damage Prevention: How to Protect Goods In Transit

Shipping costs money and this has to be taken into account when calculating the profit you hope to make on each of your products.

But, every industry faces an increasing level of competitiveness thanks to the internet. It is now easy for almost anyone to set themselves up as a business and start selling. All you need is a good website and you are good to go. And, building a website is as easy as a child’s play and you can build a website in 4 [EASY] steps.

This has resulted in an increased competitiveness over price; which reduces the amount any business can allow for shipping.

Protect Goods In Transit - Shipping Damage Prevention

Effectively every business is looking for the cheapest possible shipping method but still need it to offer the best possible service. Even the shipping companies are constantly striving to keep costs down; this is why corners are cut whenever possible.

It is actually the business that suffers most. If the customer fails to notice damage on delivery you’re unlikely to be able to get an insurance claim through. But you will still need to keep your customer happy; which means sending a replacement.

That’s why it’s essential to get the shipping right and minimize the risk of damage in transit. There are several methods that can help you to achieve this goal:

Warning Indicators

Whether you’re looking to send one parcel or an entire container full, you can use fleet management systems to safeguard your load.

These systems attach to your shipment and monitor the angle the box is placed at, the temperatures it is exposed to and even whether it has had an impact.

Sensors detect when the parcel has been exposed to something outside your predefined parameters and will advise the customer accordingly.

They will then be able to reject the item; leaving the shipping company and your insurance firm to sort out who pays. It won’t be you and you will still have a satisfied customer.

Packing Correctly

Of course it helps to pack your items correctly. A well packaged product is in a custom designed box. There should be little room for the product to move and ideally separate compartments for different items within the parcel.

You can also use packing materials such as foam or bubble wrap to ensure the item is as well protected as possible.

This will minimize the risk of damage during transit.

Reputation Of Courier

It is also a good idea to consider what shipping firm you are using. While you need to keep costs down it is worth looking at what prices other firms are offering and their reputation.

A small addition charge can be justified to your bottom line and your customer if you can virtually guarantee that your parcel will arrive in good condition.

To assess the reputation of a particular firm you need to speak to other businesses and check social media feeds. This will allow you to see the service level from both ends of the chain.

You may not be able to afford your van or you may be big enough to have a fleet of lorries. It doesn’t matter; these tips apply to all shipping situations. Used together they will save you money and prevent damage to your goods in transit.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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