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Data Recovery of Deleted Photos from Hard Drive

When you accidentally delete photos from hard drives it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are completely erased. There are some workarounds which can recover deleted photos from hard drive. In addition, when the hard drive is physically damaged, then photo recovery services come to your rescue. 

A lot of water has gone under the bridge; the pebbles that carried your dreams are long gone 

How do we preserve our memories and important events that played a significant role in our lives? Simply through photos.

Through photos, we cherish those memories time and again. Photos represent stories which have had filled our lives with joy. Whether it is your anniversary, house-warming party, birthday celebrations, an exotic trip with your loved ones or simply a moment spend with your beloved over a cup of coffee, photos have therapeutic effects which can never be measured.

Majority of us turn to these invaluable assets (photos)just to live a moment which we know will never comeback. Remember school and college days when we used to talk for hours and enjoy each and every moment clicking photos and making faces as if it was the last moment. Be it our farewells or our old group class photos, we actually wish to travel back to that time and this is when photos take us back to enjoy those joyous moments.

Data Recovery of Deleted PhotosPhotos help us remember good moments and take us to time that would never come back

If you’re missing good old days, just have a look at photos and live those moments again.

As the technology is drastically increasing, so does our techniques of data storage. The demand for hard drive is more than ever owing to its high storage capacity and portability. But sometimes, its portability could be the reason for data loss. As numerous files are stored on hard drive and if one of them gets corrupt or is virus-infected, then it might affect other files. We plug in our hard drives to as many computers as possible just to transfer and share data and who knows that we might end up transferring a virus. Malware developers develop ‘Autorun. Inf’ files to infect hard drives and upon accessing that file, unknowingly, we end up executing malware.Further, mechanical failure and non-functioning of internal components also lead to data loss.

Nowadays, hard drives have made it easier to carry our photos and important files along with us anywhere we go. All we have to do is simply connect the hard drive to our computer and access our data. This is what ideal situation is but as we know that life has its own ups and downs; hence, there are times when we accidentally format our hard drive, unintentionally delete the files stored on it, hard drive is physically damaged or wears out with time etc.; therefore, it is imperative to look for all possible ways to recover deleted photos from the hard drive.

If you are facing a similar problem, then here’s how you can recover your deleted photos from the hard drive. But before we proceed, there are some precautionary measures that you should bring in to avoid permanent loss of data.

Follow these Precautionary Steps when Data loss occurs:

  • Avoid using the hard drive as using it may overwrite the deleted data
  • Hard drive has lifespan too, check for all signs of its failing
  • Always follow the prescribed method of insertion and ejection of hard drives
  • Avoid any read/write operations

Two feasible solutions to recover deleted photos from hard drive


  • Software Approach:

When files are deleted from hard drive, then some chunks are still left as the pointers that refer to files are deleted from the memory allocation table and not the file itself. In such cases, you can run a data recovery software to recover deleted photos from the hard drive. When the pictures are accidentally deleted or the hard drive is formatted, the software approach is the best bet. However, when the hard drive is physically damaged or has inaccessibility issues, then no software can work to recover your deleted data. Further, instead of installing a recovery software, you may install malicious applications

  • Opt for Data Recovery Services:

Data Recovery services come into the picture when everything else fails. It’s always preferable to leverage some professional assistance in recovering your deleted photos from hard drive efficiently. That being said, Stellar Photo Recovery services, a reliable and professional photo recovery services provider is a name you can bank upon.

Stellar Photo Recovery Services is efficient to address all data loss scenarios. It has Professional Data Recovery Setup, to recover data from complex jobs as well, which is mandatory to open damaged hard drive under the controlled environment such as dust, chemical vapors, airborne microbes, etc. to prevent further damage to your hard drive. In addition, Stellar Data Recovery Services provides accurate, efficient, and reliable results and abides by 100 percent data confidentiality and security of your personal data.

Stellar Data Recovery Services – a reliable data recovery

Stellar Data Recovery Services is the leading data recovery services provider. Apart from recovery of deleted photos from hard drive, Stellar recovers all types of files and is efficient in addressing all scenarios of data loss. Our global presence and 2 million+ satisfied customer are the testimonies to our commitment of providing reliable data recovery services.

Reach out to us and preserve your precious moments!


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