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Is Cloud Storage Safe And How To Keep The Cloud Storages Data Secure?

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is basically a replacement of USB storage option where you get the chance to store ample amount of data in the cloud’s server (online) and let go off the hassle of maintaining folders into your system.

The best feature about cloud storage is that it helps you not only store but also recover your data if you somehow either lose your device or get attacked by the prying eyes.

Cloud Storages Data Secure

How is Cloud Storage replacing USB Drives:

There is no way to identify exactly how safe the cloud accounts are. The past history of the social media has explained how ‘not safe’ we are and how our data is in the hands of the few (which can be shared with anyone) can be used for limitless purposes.

Cloud storage is the future as said by the officials and the majority does agree to this fact. The so called ‘irreplaceable’ USB drives are deemed to be history as the future holds the existence of cloud storage as it is rather more convenient than these portable drives. Furthermore, you can be present at any place (location) and be able to access your cloud accounts as all you need is your ID and a password to get a hold of everything you stored on the cloud.

Not only this, USB drives are being replaced by these cloud accounts due to the fact that they are not safe at all. Every now and then find our drives full of viruses and malwares that we have no idea how we got attacked. This happens mostly when we use public PCs and we don’t really know how many viruses exist in the public PC. These PCs are usually equipped with anti-viruses which aren’t able to tackle these problems and hence, they are unable to stop those threats.

The biggest names in the industry of cloud storage are Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box Account. These storage accounts are all up to their marks and provide satisfactory services to the masses. They are known for the convenience they offer and are hard to replicate.

Is cloud storage safe?

The bigger picture however starts now where we consider the overall performance of these cloud accounts. The universally accepted fact is that every day more and more users are converting from USB drives to cloud accounts due to the convenience it offers and hence this factor attracts the threatening prying eyes. Hence, we have something beautiful to use but we are unable to use it due to threats involving around it.

What Steps you can take to keep the cloud storages data secure and to avoid these threats:

Cloud Secure:

A Recently updated new software named Cloud secure is a dependable name in the field of cloud security where you can use a single password to lock and access four different cloud accounts. The cloud accounts it supports or lets you use are Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Box Account.  It also has seamless syncing of your files and folders that help you create a backup of your data regularly even when your cloud account is locked.

Locking each file separately:

If this all processing stuff seems a bit too much to you, try going for the average security option which is done by putting a lock on each file. However, do note that such an option only works for not much security conscious users.

USB drives:

Data storage can be done with the help of a USB drive but that would require regular cleansing of drives with the help of an anti-virus. However, your usage on the public PC would be limited as they are usually full of harmful viruses.


By now, you must be fully or partially aware of what you need to do to store your data and ensure cloud storage security. There are multiple means of creating a backup but the most reliable one is a third party software. USB drives are now becoming part of history which is a universal fact.

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