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Five Steps To Follow When Choosing Your Robot Vacuum

Recent decades have seen quite a bit of technological developments happen all around the world. Some are high-concept breakthroughs that change life for billions, but others are smaller in scale and wind up just proving to be an interesting yet useful benefit to the households that decide to take advantage of them.

Choosing Your Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums are one such idea. While not practical or possible in every home, quite a few households enjoy these mechanical cleaners that criss-cross their carpets and floors, scooping up dust, debris, and detritus that make feet and flooring dirty. Some homeowners, once they make the decision to add this to their homes, just go out and buy the first one they see, the brand name they already know from marketing, or just whatever model they saw in the home of a friend, coworker, or family member.

You might have done that yourself, and you likely loved your first robot vacuum initially. However, over time, you might have realized it wasn’t the best possible fit or you were looking for something more. So, you’ve decided to be more deliberate in choosing your next robot vacuum. you can get the best vacuum cleaner under $200. Use the following 5 steps to make this selection:

Why do you want a robot vacuum?

This is the future, and we have robots doing it all: Cars that drive themselves, drones that navigate the sky and robot vacuums that find their way around furniture. A robot vacuum keeps things relatively clean and saves you the hassle of scheduling a maid service or nagging your kids to do their chores.

A robot vacuum doesn’t replace an upright vacuum or a deep housecleaning, but it does help pick up things like food crumbs, cat litter, hair of all types, dust bunnies and every other dense particle we leave behind on the floors when we’re living in a house. They’re suited for office spaces, too, because the last thing you want to worry about when you’re on deadline is why the floor is covered in sprinkles. Many robot vacuums can be scheduled to run as often as once a day or several times a week, and some are available with companion apps. If you’re concerned about allergies or dust, you can also find models with built-in HEPA filters.


1. Figure Out Your Needs:

If you’ve already owned a robot vacuum before, it should be very easy to write down a list of the things you liked about it that you want to have again or even more of, as well as another list of things you didn’t like that you want your next one to do differently. This helps you figure out which modern models are going to work out well in your home and which ones won’t.

2. Figure Out Your Budget:

As much as you create a wish list of features and benefits you’re looking for, you also have to know how much you’re willing to actually spend. It’s okay if you don’t actually know this until you start price shopping and just get a feel for how much you’re okay with spending. Value can be very subjective.

Roomba, Neato, Dyson are some of the most popular and expensive robot vacuums in the market, You can have any of them if you have the right budget. But if you are interested in less expensive robot vacuums there are some cheap roomba alternatives or affordable ones you can buy within your budget.

3. See What’s Available

: Identify the robot vacuums that fall within your possible price points, and then start circling ones that meet your wish list either in partial or full.

4. Check Out Reviews

As your list of possible candidates narrows, start looking at reviews of each model. Check out both professional critiques on sites like Trusty Joe and previous user reviews. These will weed out even more but also point out specific ones you should strongly consider.

5. Pay Attention To Details

When you get down to several good candidates, the deciding factors might be little things like warranty, how your pets might react to them, and how often they need your personal attention. There are many different models with very different functions. HooverVacuums created a fantastic list of robot vacuums that fits every budget and cover most of the vacuums in detail.

Final Words

When you go about choosing your next robot vacuum right, you might just wind up with a household friend that keeps your floors clean easily and conveniently for quite a few years. As such, it’s worth putting enough time into the process to do it well. Just remember that information overload and analysis paralysis are always possible, so make sure you do eventually make a decision you can live with and buy your next robot vacuum.

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