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The Best Way Of Recovering Hard Drive Data In Mac To Get Lost Files Back Safely

We have to admit mistakes do occur and sometime we lose important data by mistake.There are some of those instances a child will get to your device and erase all the Mac hard drive data without notice. You can as well lose the data accidentally to viruses or by mistakenly commanding the device to delete and empty the recycle bin.

In such a situation, you can be worried and may be think that you have lost your data completely. The good news is that there’s something you can do and get your data back safely.

The Best Way Of Recovering Hard Drive Data In Mac To Get Lost Files Back Safely

There are several methods of recovering data from mac device safely and fast enough. In this brief, we are going to talk about the most effective of all methods and the methods you can rely on to get your information back safely.

Before we get to that extent, allow me to state something about Mac devices. The first thing is that mac is a secured device and so it can encrypt your external hard drive. This means there’s something you can do and make the files inaccessible to unauthorized persons. The other and the most important thing is that all apple devices including mac devices can safely backup your data to the iCloud thus you may never lose this data.

Although I have took time to praise mac devices, bear in mind that the device alone can never recover lost data, only the below methods can help you get your data back safely.

Method #1: Data recovery software

This is a very reliable method of getting your data back safely after mistakenlyemptying the hard drive. The mac data recovery software has a couple of features that can help you recover the data safely.

Although there are several recovery software in the market claiming to help you recover this data with ease, the best choice is to take time and get a reliable data recovery software. The software should be simple and also cost effective.

In most of the cases, data recovery software can with ease and fast enough help you recover lost files from hard drive anytime. In this step, we will show you the steps mac data recovery software will take before you get the data back.

Download and install the software

This is the first step. Most data recovery software will be available in basic and premium packages. If you want to get more features, then it’s up to you to just purchase the premium package and later download the program to start using.

Now launch the program and choose a hard drive

After downloading the program, it’s your turn to choose the drive that hosted the data. Now left click on that drive and press scan.

Scan and wait

After that, you will have to give the software enough time to scan and detect all the data that was lost. The process will start immediately but it may take some time depending on the amount of data that was lost.

Recover the deleted files

You will now have to check data you need the most and eventually recover it. Though, you should be careful and check all the folders before you terminate the process.

Method #2: Recover lost data from the trash

The reality of the matter is that most people don’t empty the trash more often which makes it very easy to get lost data from here. You just have to connect the external drive and eventually move to the trash folder and you will see the lost files. After that, click recoverand you will get all the data.

Method #3: Restore the data from Cloud

As I had already stated, most apple devices will store the data in the cloud and you can get it with ease. If you feel like you have lost something you really want, it’s up to you to get to the cloud and get the data back.

Method #4: The Undo option

This is not a very reliable method of recovering data but you can rely on it if you just deleted it. If you have already done nothing else, then you can click the undo button and the data will be restored.

Method #5: Broken hard drive data recovery

If the data is lost after the drive was broken, it can be tricky to recover it. In this case, you have to get a professional to help you along the way and you will get your data back.

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