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5 Technologies to Incorporate In Your Contact Center

Technology is part of every business, especially the call center industry. They use various technologies to improve their performance and bring customer satisfaction. If you run a call center or are planning to start one, here are the different technologies to incorporate in your operation.

5 Technologies to Incorporate In Your Contact Center

Auto dialer programs 

An auto dialer software is for call centers that make a large number of outbound calls. The program will automatically dial the leads and give them to the agents when connected. It optimizes time because agents don’t have to dial manually. However, since there are call centers that require their agents to go through some details before making a call, these dialers also offer settings to do the call manually so you can shift modes depending on the needs. Others would also let the agent pull up a lead and automatically call the number after a specific amount of time.

VoIP solutions 

Instead of the typical landline, phones use the Internet to make and receive calls when using VoIP or voice over internet protocol. Agents may use handphones, softphones, or both, whichever they prefer. Regardless of their location, numbers under the same company can connect by dialing their extensions, saving on call costs. You can also get a number local to a specific state or country, even if the location is in another place. For example, if a call center is located in another country, but the customers are based in the US, you can get a US number, so you will not incur long-distance call charges.

Remote desktop 

Remote call centers are popular nowadays. Many companies choose to outsource their call centers overseas mainly because of its more affordable cost. A remote desktop will let the agents access the remote server in another location and use it as if they are using it directly. Another option is to use cloud-based programs. Since they are saved on the cloud, everyone can access them, either by logging in on a site or an application and use them as long as there is an internet connection.

Interactive voice response or IVR 

IVR is a voice recording that customers will hear when they call the number. It usually contains a greeting and questions that will help guide the callers to reach the right department. For instance, it may ask them to press 1 for their billing questions or press 2 for technical concerns. Others also let the callers perform some tasks without the help of an agent, freeing up the time of agents to attend to other important matters while at the same time giving a quicker solution to the concerns of these customers. An example of this is if a client would like to make a payment. They may be asked to enter their account number, the amount they would like to pay, and their debit or credit card details.

Business intelligence software 

These programs are designed to analyze various data in the business to help improve the process. You can also have one customized for your needs. Some of the data that it may collect and analyze are the average handle time of clients, the number of repeat calls, customer satisfaction rating, and hold time.

Consider adapting these technologies to your call center, whichever is appropriate. Technology is continuously improving, so be on the lookout for the latest, especially those that can benefit your business.

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