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Data Management Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

As we go around the last bend of 2018, you may still be stuck with the fancy technological advancements witnessed during the year. However, 2019 is here with a bag of goodies and surprises you may want to have a glance at. In this article, we compiled a list of data management trends to watch out for in 2019.

As a business, this new technology trends will help you strategize better with the tech landscape in mind. Additionally, they will send you to the drawing board to carefully consider your business model, its sustainability plans and employee management.

As we shall see, some of the predicted trends of 2019 will come with more efficiency, reduction of human capital and offer 24-hour services. Well, let’s dive into the tech trends.

  • Customer-centric business transformation with AI

Chatbots are predicted to be a major feature in 2019. Businesses in a bid to provide faster responses, more detailed information and 24-hour operations are resorting to Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and applications to manage their busy help desks.

This will lead to a significant drop in the number of staff dedicated to these departments, as they may easily be substituted with the AI technology.

Talking about customer-centered approaches, the question that remains is whether customers love talking to machines as opposed to humans. Proponents of NLP argue this trend is productive as it provides quick information, zero wait time and well-researched responses.  With the advent of big data analytics tools, customer satisfaction metrics could easily be picked out and analyzed to evaluate whether or not customers prefer machine responses to human responses.

Developers are promising to come up with more natural voices to rival the current ones, and for generic questions, the chatbots are set to complement the human customer care agents.

  • 5G enabled phones for 5G Internet speeds

2019 is set to be characterized by faster internet speeds with major mobile phones manufacturers working round the clock to come up with the best of hyper-connectivity.   To service the IoT, internet speed will have to be faster to enable the devices to communicate in real-time.  This will upscale both the home entertainment IoT and smart IP security cameras which allow for remote monitoring of your home.

Currently, Huawei, Ericcson, Qualcomm, Samsung, Intel and Nokia are battling to come up with 4G-enabled phones which will feature increased connectivity than the current 4G/LTE.

The 5G internet speed will also bring on its wave reduced latency thus ensuring you could watch crisp HD videos without any glitches here and there. Similarly downloading HD videos will take less than 10 minutes!

  • Connected cloud storage

2019 will be that year when businesses will move away from only public cloud-based storage to embrace private or hybrid cloud storage options.  Companies are realizing the need for a wider range of cloud storage options for the purposes of security, networking and app deployments.

Currently, public cloud providers like Alibaba and Amazon are offering private cloud-based storage solutions to businesses. Also in this list are the Microsoft Azure, HPE and VMware. The term multi-cloud will be commonplace in 2019 with businesses having to decide whether they need a public, private or hybrid cloud storage for their processes and data. As long as there will be efficiency and seamless access and retrieval of the data, and data security is guaranteed, the cloud-based solutions will hold.

  • More understandable, user-friendly Blockchain

2018 was that year when just about everyone bandied the words “Blockchain” and “cryptocurrency”, there has been insufficient information regarding the whole concept to effect a major technological shift. Nevertheless, Bitcoin has grown in internet popularity to become the second-most searched word on the internet after “Hurricane Irma” last year according to Google.

2019 will occasion a more pragmatic approach to Blockchain and perhaps offer a more user-friendly turn-key solution to the value, acquisition and nature of BItcoins.

While 2018 was quite an eventful year with major technological innovations in IoT, big data and cryptocurrency, these are some of the data management trends to watch out for in 2019 where predictions cast a more robust improvement of the current technologies to harness their full potentials.



Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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