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Top 15 Clipping Path Services

Product photographers, graphic design studios, advertising companies, web designers, as well as printing companies need clipping path services. This image retouching service offers you product photo retouching services and image masking to receive professionally edited images on the transparent/white background.

Product photography is a field where you work with a massive overflow of different object photos daily and it is very difficult to find time to make clipping paths in Photoshop. You need to remove background, correct white balance, remove all damages, and do color correction. Usually photographers address to clipping path services to make it faster. There are so many specialists that offer photo editing services but just a few of them are able to provide you with high quality and fast turnaround. So, what photo clipping service to choose? Let’s find out!


To make sure that the most popular digital image retouching services offer high quality, I have turned to 15 clipping images online services with the same requirements and one photo of the shoes. I need professional background removal, adding natural shadows, and color correction.

1. Offshore Clipping Path

Offshore Clipping Path

Offshore Clipping Path is not just a company; it is an identity. They can not be limited to just with their works; you should consider quality and perfection, which are ensured by their highly skilled professionals. Their 24/7 services range from image editing, Clipping Path, Multiple Clipping Path, Neck Joint, Drop Shadow to Image Masking, Retouching, eCommerce Image editing, Color Correction, and many more at an affordable price.

I took their services a couple of times. At first, I tried their free trial option, and the result was beyond expectations. That’s why I rely on them so much. They pay full attention to each of my instructions. They maintain professionalism and client satisfaction as well.

2. FixThePhoto


FixThePhoto is not only a clipping path service, but they are also engaged in professional photo retouching services of portraits, weddings, fashion, product, real estate, jewelry, etc. FixThePhoto team has a user-friendly website interface: a detailed description of all retouching services for photographers, a wide list of before and after photographs of jewelry, furniture, clothes, shoes, etc., providing an explanation of changes been made. I found the blog to be very useful, which includes a set of various articles on product photography and Photoshop clipping path tutorials.

The managers work fast and 24/7. What is more, you have the opportunity to upload RAW images to order clipping path via Dropbox. FixThePhoto retouchers finished my photo in a few hours as I ordered one image only. High-quality clipping path, the background was removed and turned into white. In addition, I got a file with a transparent background too. Successful color correction: black color is quite saturated, and the white color is clean. I like the natural shadows under the shoe sole.

3. WeEdit.Photos

WeEdit.Photos is another photo touch up service that offers image background removal services and high end photo retouching services. The prices range from $0,2 to $10 per photo.

The retoucher finished my work fast and of high quality. The same result as FixThePhoto showed. The only difference is in shadows. The photo cost $5, has a high resolution, and can be easily used for large format printing.

4. Wedding-Retouching


Wedding-Retouching provide wedding photo editing services to help photographers meet all deadlines. If you have product photos, you can order background removal service and clipping path around hair on portrait photos. From $0,05 they can cut and crop photos online, fast, and naturally.

As you can see, the shoes look professionally edited, the colors are not faded and look realistic, the white balance is adjusted, I’m fully satisfied with their image retouch.

5. Clipping Path India

Clipping Path Services

One of the popular clipping path services on the web is Clipping Path India.  It works for many years and has its own clientele. The most important benefit is low prices: $0.49 per photo. It is quite low if we compare with its competitors. The service deals with clipping path services only. You can also order ghost mannequin, as well as changing a product’s color.

Clipping Path India offers a bit strange payment system:  you can order photo retouching of at least 50 images by means of credits. I can’t understand why a lot of photo editing services prefer working with credits, instead of ordinary dollar payment. The order was accepted quickly and in 15 minutes I got my photos back. Their work is not bad except one little thing – it doesn’t have shadows at all. They forget to add shadows but I mentioned this in my order. Also, there is a lack of contrast. A white balance is selected a way too cold.

6. ColorExpertsbd


ColorExpertsbd is a quite popular clipping path service, which is intended to edit product images. You can order a 3D drawing, Vector Drawing, glamorous photo retouching, and old photo restoration. The website interface is not attractive, it is a bit out of date. It creates a poor impression for its users who are photographers. The price list varies, depending on the type of image retouching you need.

I paid $0.50 for my image. A special form is provided for uploading photos but I failed with it at the first try. After having my photo uploaded, I tried to choose a free trial photo editing but failed, and had to pay. The image was delivered in a few hours as FixThePhoto did. Unfortunately, the quality of the clipping path in Photoshop was lower. I think they might not have their monitor calibrated, I see something like a sepia effect. There is a small yellowness, especially when it comes to the front shoe.  Luckily, they added shadows, unlike Clipping Path India. Black color has lost its saturation.

7. ClippingPathServiceIndia


That’s quite strange but there are three clipping path service providers with identical names, where the word “service” is shifted from one part to another. At the same time, the services differ in the quality of services. ClippingPathServiceIndia website’s design is rusty, it looks old-fashioned, although, it was created in 2012. Their before and after photos are too stretched and do not match the format of the website. They have poor image quality and do not support zoom for a detailed review.  What is more, they have watermarks in the mid of the images. They offer only clipping path Photoshop services and car photo retouching. Regarding prices, it’s too cheap. The cheapest prices I have ever seen: 1-50 images cost $0.28 per image, the more images you order, the cheaper they are.

You need to fill out a form on the website to place an order. I had been waiting for the response for a few hours. Photo editing took almost the whole day. When I got the image back, at first I thought that it is something wrong with my screen. The image was yellowish, way too yellow. They added the shadows at the same level as FixThePhoto did. Unfortunately, the white color reminds rather light yellow or even green, it was not pure crystal white. The same with the black color: it got light and dirty. If I fixed white balance and added contrast, in that case, I would like it.  Why should I do it on my own?

8. Clipping Path Lab

 Clipping Path Lab

I have mixed feeling. The reason is the website interface. It is strange: gypsy colors, weird animation and different fonts of the text. On the other hand, they have alluring clipping path Photoshop samples. They are all sorted out according to the photo retouching types. In addition, wedding and fashion photo retouching services are available too. Unluckily, they are not performed in a good quality. I mean that they just balanced exposure settings on the photos. The prices are fairly low: $0.29 per photo for clipping path in Photoshop and $1.29 per photo for color correction.

When you place the order, you have to upload your photos through Dropbox. Having done it, I did not quite understand what to do next. They do not know my email and do not have any contacts to get in touch. I had to chat with them on the website. As it turned out, they had already got down to my order but did not inform me. When I got my image back in Dropbox, I realized why the price was so low. All cheap services work with poor quality screens. That’s why their colors differ. Background removal was done properly but without adding shadows. There is a lack of contrast so that the colors are fade.

9. Clipping Path King

  Clipping Path King

Almost all clipping path services of this kind have the same website design. There are many tabs, pop up windows, too bright colors, and everything is confusing. Clipping Path King’s website is a bit different in negative meaning: all images, which are available on the website do not reach the size more than 300х200. It does not allow looking through the image in detail to estimate the level of the clipping path work. At the same time, some photos have a good resolution. The prices are quite cheap: $0.29 per photo. The most expensive service is Vector Conversion: $4.99 per photo.

You have to log-in for placing an order. Only after signing in you can make an order. I should mention that the photo was edited fast, I got the image back in 5-6 hours. There are classic drawbacks as it was with some previous photo clipping services: no shadows, inappropriate white, which got light blue due to inappropriate white balance correction. Moreover, they cut one part of the shoe out.

10. Clipping USA

Clipping USA

Clipping Path Service in the USA doesn’t have a stylish and simple website. Honestly, there are decent images on the main page, they have a fine resolution but I was not able to click on them and look closer. Prices are high. If you need to put a book on the white background, it will cost $0.75 per photo. For $3.75 per photo you can order background removal of difficult items as plants together with color correction. It’s quite pricey, more than their competitors charge. You have two types of uploading images for making an order but only one operates properly.

Having uploaded the photo, I got it back in the morning the next day.  At first glance, the image is retouched well: you do not have to worry about the background removal, it’s great but white is a bit blue. Black color contrast tends to be pale. I was confused with the shadows: they are accurate but too contrast, they require stippling.

11. Clipping Solutions

   Clipping Solutions

There is no difference between this website and the previous ones. Its design, style, text, and images selection are similar to those which I have described before. The first baffling thing, as a rule, it’s the images, they are in a horrible quality: I can see every pixel of the image without a zoom. It is not a big deal to edit a few dozens of images in good quality for the website! I don’t like the black background color of the website, combining with a dark green font: I feel a strong headache after reading the text. Their price list is midrange: $0.35per photo for the simplest clipping path.

I paid $0.50 for my image. Luckily, their registration form works quickly. They provide reasonable photo editing: I was happy to get the white color which is close to white, at the same time black color got less contrast. Shadows are without smoothing and you can see rough edges of my shoes.

12. Clipping Path Specialist

   Clipping Path Specialist

This is a classic website, which provides only clipping path services. Unlike other similar websites, it has the advertising video about their services. I couldn’t find their before and after photo gallery. All images I found are in poor quality.

The company charges $0.79 per photo: it is a bit pricey, compared with a price/quality ratio. I received the image where the white color is not as it has to be. You can see a light blue shade and underexposure in black colors. The contrast is too high and the shoe is too sharp. It looks like a part of the shoe, not shadows.

13. ClippingPathExperts


This is one of few services, which showed not bad results. The plain and modern design is the first thing you can notice. It is implemented with pleasant colors and decent quality images. Unfortunately, the website had many lags. It took me less than 2 minutes to wait for each image loading. I was upset with their big watermarks on the images, it is distracting. The company has a very big Price List, where all photo editing steps are described: ranging from clipping path services to adding reflection to your jewelry photos.

They charge $0.90 for my photo. It is a decent image retouching, there is a lack of shadow underneath the shoes, and the edges of the shoes are a bit blurred. The white color turned out a bit dark.

14. ClippingPathService

I had high expectations for this service. They impressed me with the creative website design and high-end samples of edited photos. The prices are ranging from $1 to $5 per photo, depending on your product. I was charged $3 but every time when I tried to fill out the form, it constantly updated my data. I applied for the support service dozens of times but failed to order photo retouching.

15. CloudClippingPath

These guys offer beautiful before and after photos, I suppose this is the best portfolio of clipping path services I have ever seen. For sure, the watermarks are a bit annoying. The prices are low, $0.39 per any image. Again, I failed to place an order. It required log-in and confirmation registration through the mail. I did not get any letter even in a week.

16. SuntecIndia

SuntecIndia has been doing its business since 1999 and these retouchers have already had plenty of regular clients. The website design is made in the one-page type and variety of buttons got me confused. I didn’t find their price list, gallery, and the most important the page where to place the order. The chat is silent.

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