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Top 5 Music Streaming App For Androidphones

We all love music because it is the heartbeat of our lives. The best way to listen our favourite music is through online music streaming services and now online music playing in our android phones has become so easy that we can play any music anywhere and anytime with the help of some music streaming app made to stream tons of music online with high quality content.

Music Streaming App For Androidphones

For those who are looking for the music streaming app are at right place, here are some of the top 5 music streaming app for your android phones 

  1. Spotify – One of the most popular music streaming service in the world is spotify, the app which is loaded with almost every features and options you need in for your music including radio stations, playlists, music, podcast, recommendations, videos and many more thing to do. It has a special feature which no other includes such as Spotify connect. This joins with many of different devices and with running mode you can adjust the pace of music to your rhythm. The good news is that even free version users will be able to use these features and premium users will be able to listen music ad-free, superior sound quality, and ability to download music for offline listening.

The only thing it lacks is that it cant be downloaded in some countries. So you can download the Spotify Cracked APK by clicking it.

  1. SoundCloud – This is another great app to stream music online. You don’t need to login sign in or make account to get access to the music. With nearly 200 million tracks from more than 20 million creators from worldwide, you can follow the famous peoples to get notified every time new music release. This is the best spot to find indie stuff which no other app has and usually it includes similar options and features as above one like stations, podcasts, playlists, and other searching features.
  1. Pandora – Another popular music streaming app and can be said as one of first Popularized discovery services, still a favourite. You can add your favourite songs artists in your station. In Pandora premium there is feature like search and play which offers customized search based on your listening history, and my music which lets you to collect your favourite albums and artists.
  1. Amazon Music – It has become the third most popular on demand music service. The basic thing starts from the amazon prime subscription to enjoy the app service. However, in comparison of the above ones it has not more than 2 million songs. Amazon music unlimited is the name of their full giving service, which is much more comparable to the above ones which includes big catalogue. It has features like playlists, others, radio stations, and recommendations based on your music history.
  1. Deezer – One of the most popular international music streaming service you can get it on your android phone. Includes almost every varieties of music for worldwide and known for having a very wide range catalogue of music for the music lovers. Includes many features like music discovery services, radio stations, podcasts, video content, and the ability to upload your own music. And there is even an ad-supported free version.
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