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Couchtuner – Watch Series Online Video FREE

Ever missed out on a movie in the cinema you really wanted to watch? Or are being upset that your friends won’t go with you to watch a movie you’d been dying to see? Worry not, because everything is available online! There are so many websites today that will allow you to stream a movie with or without ads from the comfort of your own home. One such website i.e. Couch Turner stands out amongst the rest for its utmost genuine content and wide variety of movies to choose from. There is an alternative of couchtuner where you can watch movies and tv shows for free visit the


Is it comprehensive?  

The upside of Couch Turner is that it is absolutely free of cost. Want to watch the latest Jumanji movie or are hoping to watch Full House back from the 90s? You’ve got it all at this website. Some TV series become premium while others is not so easily found; Couch Turner will provide you links to all of these. Simply put the name of the show/movie in the search bar and it will show up in milliseconds.

Is it legal?

People often inquire about the legality of such websites. The truth of the matter is that obviously it’s illegal because the content is pirated. You’ve got to pay for stuff for it to be legal! Thereby, your own safety becomes a concern. It’s better to use a proxy IP address changer extension before you access couch turner just to be on the safe side.

Is it safe? 

While some sites like couchtuner necessitate your personal information before allowing access to movies, Couch Turner has no such pre requisites and you only need to go to the site and start the movie. Make sure you never give out any private data or passwords on any website that isn’t authentic.

Is it user-friendly?

The interface is designed such that even a computer illiterate person can operate it. From a simple navigation bar, to easy access to movies and shows, the site will allow movies to play on PCs, laptops and even phones. It supports all Android as well as Apple gadgets. Movie time on your phone is now easy as ABC.

Is it accessible easily? is the URL that is presently working. Since the site is pirated, it is hoarding legal issues onto itself and is blocked time to time. However, a new URL pops up every once in a while and you can simply Google it to find out. That’s not all; there a load of sub domains for the site too, so don’t worry if one link doesn’t open. There are plenty more where that came from.

Is there any shortcoming?

All good things come with a price, and the price you have to pay here is of patience. The advertisements that pop up on every screen can be highly bothersome and irritating, however, there is absolutely no way around it. Nonetheless, browser extensions like AdBlock can be a dream come true in this case and rid you of the trauma.

So which movie are you watching first?

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