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How To Improve Your Writing Skills In 5 Steps

In the era of internet, everybody needs to improve writing skills. Several centuries ago only selected persons had such kind of skill,and nowadays it is not a privilege only for writers or scientists. You can be a marketing consultant or a blogger to be facing the need for developing writing skills. That is why the writing tips we have given in this article will be useful for everybody.

In the first place, remember that the most important thing about any kind of creating texts is simplicity. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are if your reader can not understand you. Having a big base of knowledge and being able to express them simply is a genuine mastership.

Using these tips will help you to enrich your essay writing skills in cases of communication and creating of articles, reviews or even books.

Check out our advice on how to improve writing in five easy steps.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Turn reading into a life habit

Where can we get inspiration and comprehension on how the good text looks like if not in books?

An elegant rule sounds like this: if you don’t read, you cannot write. There are so many wonderful books that can plunge you into a fictional world and obtain a real use of writing skills practice. Reading is absolutely not the same as watching films. The books require the brain activity during the whole process from the beginning till the end. When you manifest the conscious efforts, you become capable of increasing your thinking and cognitive potential.

Read books of many genres and any thematic, read every day. Of course, we cannot read all the books, but try not to be limited to general read-only fiction. Be open to reading scientific, philosophic and biographic literature.

Avoid crutch words

Our oral and written language has some words that are used too often, so-called crutch words. When you do not pay close attention to your speech, you may not even see this.  Usually, these words don’t add any sense to your statement – in the oral speech; this is just a moment to breathe and to make a pause. As we talk about written crutch words – they may give your text more beauty and broadness. But at the same time, they sidetrack your reader. You can replace them with the synonyms or make an effort to rewrite your text totally without them. It would be great practice for you.

Write regularly

It is funny but to improve writing you just need to write. Not only when you have the actual necessity to write a post or an article, but literally every day. If you don’t have ideas on what to write, think about next tips:

  • What were your dreams today? Describe them on a paper as a story in bright colors.
  • What interesting facts did you know today/yesterday/this week?
  • Invent any question like “What would I do if I received a million?”, “What new can you teach another person,” “Why do we need an appendix?” etc.
  • Create a blog. It is a way more effective than creating a diary as you will learn how to edit your texts and be critical to a choice of words and constructing sentences. More importantly is that you will obtain the comprehension on what bothers other people. Their comments and feedback will be the answer to what is important and what exactly attracted reader’s attention.

You should realize that your texts are created for others, they are not only yours. It is essentially what you put into the text, but the most important is what your readers saw in this.

You can experiment – you write a post with an assumed reaction to it and then to compare your expectations with the reality. In case you are a blogger, but you don’t really have the time to write all your articles, Australian writing service can help you on this.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Use strong words

Good texts assume to have moments of surprise and unpredictability. The most powerful part of speech is a verb. Thanks to strong words the simple sentence receives very intense emotional charge and influence on a person who is reading it. They are really simple,but they are remembered easily. You should just find the word that expresses your thought the most thoroughly,and you may be assured that your message will be heard by your reader.

Analyzing fiction texts also helps. If you see the words or phrases that left a strong aftertaste, write them down and use them when applicable. In addition, you can look for your own phrases: take a vocabulary, find a noun and then try to put various adjectives near it – you’ll understand soon what word from them has emotional charge and what doesn’t.

Always be respectful for a critic

A critic is also feedback to any of your articles or texts. When you have the braveness to show your works to others, you must be ready that not all the comments will be positive.  In other words, you are always prepared for a “failure.”  Try not to be closed or angry to reasonable critical feedbacks, as this is the best factor for your growing.  Treat them as a possibility to rid of your mistakes in a very effective and fast way.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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