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Are You Aware Of These Highest Paying Cloud Computing Jobs In 2017

Going Cloud is the latest trend today. Cloud computing is hot and now.  The best Cloud computing jobs also pay well, offer great prospects and a whole lot of career growth prospects.  Based on layers data and analytics, we have collated a list of the highest paying Cloud computing jobs in 2017.

The Enterprise Architects in IT laced with cloud computing skills take home about $137,957 as average salary.  The next in rank is taken by the Senior Solutions Architect profiles that attract median salary of $132,327. Those from the latter profile having computing networking as well as IT expertise earn up to $105,787 median pay.

This only reflects the high value is the right certifications.  Another hot niche of the cloud computing jobs category is the DevOps Engineering profile.  This attracts median pay of up-to $97,018.

In terms of the top companies offering these trending Cloud computing jobs, Red Hat training hubs are of note. It pays about $24,000 in annual bonuses. Amazon pays $22,000 average annual bonuses; Microsoft pays $21,000 while Cisco pays out $20,719 as annual average bonuses. Such bonuses are calculated as per profitability performances as well as divisional financial result. 

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PMP—A Now Big Thing

The big thing to remember is that these Cloud computing hot jobs need compulsory Project Management Professional or pmp certification. With pmp certification, expect  median salary of close to $141,317. Jobs that need TOGAF 9 Certification attract an annual average salary of about $136,375. Cloud computing jobs that need Certified Information Systems Security Professional certifications attract median salary close to $136,231.

The highest paid cloud computing jobs for IT needs a large number of certifications besides just pmp certification.  Some even require certifications from Amazon Web Services. Cloud computing based companies part of San Jose in California offer highest average salaries at about $150,558 as per data from PayScale. The other areas following in rank are San Francisco and Boston.

AT&T offers average salary of $248,323 for cloud computing pros with experience.

Next in rank is Oracle that offers median salary of about $206,811.

In 2017, software development skills is seen as an add-on to Cloud computing expertise.

A Project Management Professional certification comes with a minimum worth of  $100,000 per year.  It is a certification that is recognized universally it could make you a  highly paid project manager. Obtaining this certification becomes possible once you have 4500 hours experience as a project manager. This needs to be documented as a proof too.

What Experts Say?

Once you obtain the pmp certification, you will need to back this with more hard work.  The certification is in demand across all IT companies as well as project managers in IT. Therefore, you can gain access to the best Cloud computing or even Big Data analytics job profiles on leading companies.

Kevin Archbold, a consulting manager with Key Consulting, has gone on record saying that when top IT or Cloud computing jobs see filtering or sieving,  there are often a couple of piles for resumes.  One that come stamped with pmp certification and another sans the certification.

Rosemary Guzman, the Executive Recruiter with Hook the Talent, also says that this certification is preferred even over and above a conventional masters degree.  This is because the certification stands for  proven experience as well as comes across as a criteria for having passed and accepted by the national management community.

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