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Strengthen SEO with These Content Related Tactics

Successful SEO is all about doing the same things what others do but in a different way. Many SEO strategies might appear almost similar, yet some succeed, and others fail for the previously mentioned reason. How well the content is capable of supporting the SEO campaign depends on using the right tactics in creating and distributing content so that it helps search engine optimization to gather momentum.  Keep reading to know about the most impacting tactics that you must have for SEO.

Take to blogging

Blogging is the only way to add value to your website that users would appreciate and enjoy. More you can share useful and relevant information with users through quality blogs more would they look on your site as an authority in the respective niche. Since high-quality content is what Google likes, it is another reason for attaching more importance to blogs on your website.  The rate of indexing web pages for websites with blogs is higher by 434 percent than those that do not use blogs. The compulsion of blogging is even much more for e-commerce sites that could enjoy a higher return on investment that can be almost 13 times more than websites without blogs.

Strengthen SEO

Optimize content for mobile

According to the professionals at Barry Moore SEO Agency since 80 percent internet users use smartphones and similar mobile devices for accessing the internet, having a responsive design for your website is a must. Also, you have to optimize content for viewing on small screens with equal ease as on larger computer screens. Integrating SEO with mobile marketing is the norm today. The content must meet the mobile standards to reach out to the broader section of the audience. The design elements and website structure contributes to the optimization measures because the content display must be large and prominent for easy reading and clicking.

Repurpose old content

Content is a valuable asset for your website and its worth lie in its ability to use it many times since the time it is first published.  Over a period, you will develop a good inventory of published content that you must not allow to sit idle. In the interest of maintaining a steady pipeline of content that helps to keep content refreshed at regular intervals, you can create new content by re-purposing old content to include more updated information and present it differently. If your earlier presentation was text based, the present could be in the form of infographics.

Facilitate distribution through sharing

When users find the content good and useful, they would like to share it, and you must include social media buttons on the blog to encourage the process. Also, write an attractive Meta description and add a great title for the content supported by well-selected images to make the content stand out from the crowd.  Creating quality content and enhancing the elements that encourage sharing are twin goals that you must fulfill.

These simple actions not only add value to content but also strengthen the SEO.

Author bio: Peter Kirsten is a commerce graduate but is very much inclined to technology and marketing. He is a close follower of SEO developments and was even associated with Barry Moore SEO Agency for some time. Kicking the football is his hobby, and he makes it to the playground whenever time permits.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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