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A Simple Guide to Choosing the Perfect Headphones for Kids

Kids these days have become way too advanced when it comes to using gadgets. There’s no denying that they need headphones too, and powerful ones for that matter. The best part is that manufacturers have upped their game in designing cool headphones for kids and teens who love to listen to music. If you are shopping for the perfect headphones for their little ears, we’ll guide you on how to find the perfect match.

Why choose the best headphones?

As a parent, you need to protect your child’s hearing by choosing the right headphones for him/her. You can visit and read reviews on the best headphones for kids. Bear in mind that choosing the wrong headphones can cause hearing problems. You can allow your child to use headphones when watching cartoons or gaming and you need to listen to something else. After all, no parent wants to be subjected to cartoons and games for more than 10 minutes.

Headphones for Kids

Are headphones safe for kids?

Your child can also use headphones during those long and boring flights when they want to watch a couple of movies so you can have some peace of mind. You simply can’t count on airline-supplied headphones because they are not designed for small kids. Often, these headphones will slip off because they are too big for their little ears.

Avoid using adult headphones on your children as they could also endanger their hearing. Factors such as the fit, design and comfort of the headphones will determine whether they are ideal for kids. Remember that kids shouldn’t be on headphones for too long. In fact, experts suggest that kids should listen to headphones for not more than two hours a day. Any longer and it could damage hearing.

What to look for in kids’ headphones

An effective volume limiter: First on the list is the headphone’s maximum noise level. Experts recommend that headphones should not allow more than 85 decibels. Studies have shown that when the sound level is higher than this, you could experience severe hearing loss after using the headphones for 15 minutes every day.

If the noise level of the headphones is too high, then it’s not safe for your child. Remember that children have very delicate ears and being exposed to high noise levels overtime can lead to hearing loss sooner than later. Ask about the maximum noise level before buying any headphones for your child.

Comfortable fit: Children are used to listening to TV or a computer without headphones. That’s why you need to ensure the one you choose is comfortable and fits perfectly on their little ears. If the headphones are loose and keep falling off, they will soon lose interest. Check the length of the cord as well because that will determine the comfort.

Kids often move around when playing games or watching cartoons. Having wireless headphones would be perfect so long as they fit the other features. Look for headphones that have soft ear cushions because they not only enhance comfort but also help to block more background noise. Make sure they are lightweight too. An alternative option is to get your children a high-quality pair of earbuds. There are some good earbuds designed for small ears available on the market, which can make sure that your children will entertain in comfort.

Minimum noise leakage:Kids need to enjoy the sound coming from the headphones. Don’t just assume that they won’t notice the sound quality. The extra padding on the ear stops sound from leaking out. The headphones should have minimum noise levels not to annoy your child.

Fun design:Of course, kids would love headphones that look cool in their favorite color and unique design. Headphone designers haven’t disappointed when it comes to cool designs for kids. Some even allow kids to customize certain parts of the headphones or come with cool stickers that can be attached to them.

Xbox One headsets for kids

First, Xbox One headsets have a really cool design. They have some replaceable lights and tags that can be customized to suit every child. More importantly, the Xbox One headsets are somewhat wireless. You need to wire the headset to an Xbox controller and they also have a separate volume control adapter. They are not bulky like most headphones. In fact, Xbox One headsets are super lightweight on the head.

Your child won’t even realize they have headsets on. Kids love Xbox One headsets because they can enjoy gaming for a while without feeling exhausted. Most of these headsets also have a unique and comfortable design. Just make sure you consider the factors we’ve mentioned above, which include the sound quality, comfort and maximum noise level when choosing Xbox One headsets for kids.

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