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How to Combine Work and Studying Effectively?

Trying to save your studies and make money at the same time? These recommendations are for you then. Start applying them now and succeed!

Learning to Combine Work and Studying Effectively

Although you may want to party hard during your college years, the empty wallet in your pocket may tell you that you need to get a job. Working and studying at the same time is a real challenge. But you will feel better once you learn to overcome it. Here are several tips that will help you understand which job you should look for and how not to fail in college while you’re busy making money.

Combine Work and Studying Effectively

A Few Tips on Finding a Job as a Student

The key thing you should keep in mind when you’re looking for a job at college is that studying is hard, and working plus studying is even harder. Obviously, you should look for a job that is easy to handle. It doesn’t mean you must find someone who will pay you for nothing. “Easy to handle” can be interpreted in two different ways:

  • A job that you enjoy doing. Simple as it is, if you have a hobby, you can turn it into a way to earn money. For example, look for designer, teacher, computer repair specialist, system administrator, writer, or photographer positions. Actually, when you do have certain skills that you enjoy to use, you don’t even need an employer to earn money. If you enjoy writing, you can create your own blog and monetize it. If you enjoy teaching, you can start giving Skype lessons.
  • A job that gives you an opportunity to put into practice the knowledge you get at college. That is, if your major is financial accounting, get a job in a finance team. If you study foreign languages, you can try to find an interpreter position. Get this: your ideal job during the college time can be the one that will help you build your future career. Therefore, focus on the job opportunities that can help you learn more about your future profession and develop necessary skills.

Helpful tip: you can look for a job on campus. Most colleges have enough vacancies to offer.

How to Combine Working and Studying?

Now here are a few things you should constantly do if you want to succeed both as a student and as an employee:

  • Get a deal with your employer. Many companies today welcome students and offer excellent conditions for them. Employers are looking for young talents and promising prospects. Very often, they are ready to offer you a flexible schedule, professional development, and a decent salary if they see they can have potential long-term benefits from you. Some of them may even be ready to discuss financial aid to help you cover your study costs. What do you need to get such an employer interested in you? The key is commitment and your desire to learn, grow, and stick at this position. You can show it all when passing a screening interview. But make sure to let your employer know that you’re planning to combine work and studies at the interview. In case they don’t have an official offer with flexible working hours, you can still count on some flexibility and understanding if you suddenly need a day off.
  • Get a deal with your college. Many students today struggle trying to work and study at the same time. So, it’s nothing new for college professors to hear things like “I couldn’t cope with my homework in time because I had too much work to do” or “I was absent because they didn’t let me leave earlier”. If you have already found a job and your employer knows that you’re a student, you should also let your professors know that you’re working. Having said that, you’d better get a deal with your college. That is, explain your circumstances in advance and reassure your professors that their subject is important for you and that you’ll be doing all assignments. Just note that sometimes you might fail to be on time and that you’re ready to do additional assignments if you happen to miss a class because of work.
  • Improve your time management skills. Planning is everything. In a business world and in your personal world, without planning your time properly, you will fail before you have started. When it comes to working while still studying, you should note that you need a base of skills to start with, and you’re going to improve them as you keep on managing your work responsibilities and your studies. Your personal time management skills will grow if you learn to use small periods of time that usually are spent in vain. For example, many people spend more than an hour getting to work and the same amount of time getting back. If your college, your job, and the place you live are situated rather far from each other, you should use the time on the road effectively. For example, read an e-book that the next literature class will be devoted to. Also, you can watch videos or listen to educational podcasts while you’re doing chores around the house. Analyze how much time you have and how you’re using it. And then think up the ways you can maximize your effectiveness. Helpful tip: Many students who work turn to professional help with some part of their homework in order to get more time for other tasks (more information is here: https://do-my-essays.com/blog/100-of-compare-and-contrast-essay-topics/). If you often feel that you can’t cope with everything on time, consider this option as well.
  • Build relationships. Being friendly with people around you will help you make some friends among both your colleagues and your fellow students. If you happen to miss something in class, your classmates may help you out by giving you their notes or explaining the material to you. If you happen to miss something at work, your colleagues may help you out by backing you up when you’re late or doing some little things, which are your own responsibility. You may think that people are not that kind, especially in the working environment. But it’s all about the right approach and willingness to help them back.

We hope that these tips will be very helpful for you. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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