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An Insider’s Guide to Tattoo Removal in Singapore

If you are a proud owner of a regrettable ink, then you are not alone. According to studies, one out of four individuals who got a tattoo have regretted their decision at some point in their lives. And while there are many reasons why people get tattooed, there are as many reasons as to why they want to remove them. After all, tattoo are permanent only to an extent; you can get a tattoo removal ( if you no longer want them. 

The best candidate for a tattoo removal procedure are older tattoos and those that are created using the stick and poke method. Tattoos that have black, green, and brown, colors are also easier to remove than those with other colors such as red and yellow. Naturally, the darker, more colorful and larger tattoos are, the more costly and time-consuming they are to remove. It is also more challenging to remove tattoos from people with dark skin, pre-existing skin condition (for example, eczema), and/or a health condition that impacts the skin (herpes) because of the risk of side effects. However, if any of this applies to you, it does not mean that tattoo removal is out of the question. It simply means that it might to take more time to find the most suitable tattoo removal option for you.

When considering tattoo removal, the first thing you should do is to find an experienced health care professional. If you choose to avail the services of a dermatologist, for example, instead of going to a random “specialist” in a parlor or mall, you are not just paying for the procedure but also for years’ worth of training and expertise. Another thing: if you have done your research, you probably saw or read about the scarred and burnt skin of some misfortunate individuals who placed their trust at the hands of the wrong tattoo removal specialist. Operating top-of-the-line, high-powered tattoo removal equipment requires a special set of skills that even licensed doctors would need technical training and certification to do so. 

There are some businesses that offer low rates for tattoo removal procedures done by individuals with little or no medical background. But the truth is, more often than not, you will get what you pay for, and that is a botched removal job with permanent scars, painful burns, or uneven complexion. And think about it: if something went wrong, a licensed doctor could offer expert medical advice and accountability. 

Another important factor is sanitation. During the removal procedure. Your skin is subjected to superheated light pulses to break down ink pigments in the tattoo. Just like the first time you had the tattoo, the treated area is very prone to infections. You may have gotten a really good deal on the cheap tattoo removal procedure, but the money you saved might just be used to see a real doctor who will treat your infection. 

Accredited facilities and clinics like 1Aesthetics are allowed to accept patients in a sterile environment because they are aware of the protocols to minimize the risk of infections. Plus, a doctor will be knowledgeable in responding to and treating unwanted complications such as bleeding and blistering. Remember that you are not just paying for the level of skills needed to properly operation lasers but you are also paying for the overall safety of the procedure as well as the post-removal aftercare. 

After the tattoo is removed, the doctor will recommend an antibacterial cream to be applied to the treated area. This is important to avoid infection and lessen the risk of scarring. It will take two to three weeks to full recovery and during this period, you will need to avoid the following: soaking the area in water as it heals, direct sunlight for three to six months after the removal procedure, and wearing tight clothing on the treated area. You will also be advised to apply sunscreen every time you go outside.

Most patients who undergo tattoo removal process have their tattoo completely gone, but it has to be emphasized that due to the huge variety of tattoos available today, it is not easy to say how much of the tattoo can be removed. Some people opt to fix their tattoos using the over-tattooing method, or using another tattoo (called cover art) on top of the older ink. If you have a tattoo on top of an older one, extra laser treatments will be needed to remove the ink pigments from both tattoos.

Getting a tattoo hurts, and so is removing it – sometimes even more. If you are ready to start your new journey in life without your old ink, then book a consultation with us at the 1Aesthetics clinic and we will create a customized treatment plan just for you. With the best doctors and facilities that Singapore has to offer, we will make sure that you do not have to live with the visible reminder of a bad decision from years ago!

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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