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Try These 6 Items to Make Your Dog Smarter

Is it possible to make your dog smarter than he or she already is? Experts believe so! Your dog is never too old to learn a new trick, and there are certain items you can buy that will actually make your dog smarter while he has fun using them. Let’s take a look at six items that your dog will love playing with that will also stimulate his mind and increase his intelligence!

6 Items to Make Your Dog Smarter

Food Puzzler

Instead of using a plain dog bowl, consider purchasing a food puzzler for his meals. A food puzzler will challenge your dog’s mind while he eats. Dogs have a natural instinct to want to forage for their food, so working for their meal will help them channel their energy into something productive. A food puzzle usually has holes in it that dispenses dog food whenever your dog manipulates it. Some may be mobile, such as a ball that releases food as the dog rolls it. Others are immobile and can include a sliding door or multiple holes where the dog can fish their food out with a paw or tongue.

Studies also show that dog foods can be brain foods. Choose dog foods with healthy fatty acids that promote memory and attention. You can check the leading options available in the market by checking on this site https://www.thepamperedpup.com/best-dog-food-reviews/.

Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat is a simple game that is made out of a rubber sink mink. Fleece strips are knotted tightly through holes in the mat to create a brain game for your dog. To use a snuffle mat, hide tasty treats within the fleece strips for your dog to find. Your dog then gets to use his greatest sense, smell, to sniff out the treats and eat them. Dogs enjoy sniffing out and finding treats on their own, and the mat allows them to use their brain along with their keen sense of smell. Make sure to use treats with an appealing scent.

Interactive Puzzle Toys

Interactive puzzle toys not only help to make your dog smarter, but they are also an ideal toy for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. An interesting puzzle toy will alleviate the boredom your dog may feel at times, especially when they are home alone. These types of toys come in different levels, from easy to hard. Interactive toys will also make senior dogs focus on the solution which then stimulates brain connections, a benefit as your dog gets up in his years.

Treats Dispensing Toys

One good puzzle your dog will love is the type that dispenses treats when he finally solves it. There are many fun toys on the market that dispense treats when your dog plays with it, but one popular toy is known as the Kong. This classic rubber toy is made with tough material that is hollow in the middle, allowing you to stuff it with a tasty treat. They are the perfect toy for aggressive chewers, as the material is extremely hard to destroy. To really help your dog get smarter, find a treat that has a high level of omega ’s. This nutrient will help feed their brain as they enjoy their reward for a job well done.

Hide and Seek Plush Toys

A hide and seek plush toy is a great way for your dog to enjoy hours of interactive fun that is great for their brain. These toys typically come with one large plush piece and a few smaller ones that fit neatly inside. For example, one type comes with a large plush tree trunk and six small plush squirrels. You hide the squirrels in the trunk, and the object of the game is for your dog to dig them out. This interactive toy helps your dog stay active and happy. Their natural hunting instincts will kick in, leading to hours of mentally-stimulating fun! You can also join in and throw the smaller plush toys in a rousing game of fetch.

Dog Agility Obstacle Course

Your dog will love their own agility obstacle course, and you’ll have a blast showing them how to use it! We’ve all seen dog shows where the dog and his handler complete an obstacle course together as quickly and as accurately as they can, right? Well, this is exactly what you will be doing with your four-legged furball! This type of event provides your dog with the exercise his body requires and the stimulation his mind needs. The most common pieces of agility equipment includes tunnels, jumps, and weave courses. A collapsible tunnel is a great place to start, as your dog will enjoy running through it to the other side. Adding the jumps and weave courses will give him even more mental stimulation as he learns how to maneuver through them.

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