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An Amazing Gadget has been Around

A brand new steel scraper is born

“I’m used to using the scraper and literally I’m kind of addicted to it. That works so well for scratching the burr on the surface and what’s more, it helps a lot when I’m doing the cleaning,”said Issac, an engineer in Guangzhou.

Indeed, various kinds of scrapers are out there in our lives. Categorized by materials, here are four types of scrapers.

1. Horn scraper

The horn scraper is the most traditional tool used and it’s made of buffalo horns so that it looks more transparent with a smooth texture.

Also, it can be freely sawed into different shapes and sizes. You may be pleased with its thickness because it’s as thin as a kitchen knife, being flexible to use.

However, it’s apt to be transformed.

2. Wood scraper

The biggest advantage of a wooden scraper is the ability to cut sharp edges. For this reason, it’s mostly adopted in Japanese lacquer art. Although it is not easily deformed, it is not as flexible as a horn knife.

3. Plastic scraper

This is a tool that can be homemade. And it is an essential tool for making lacquer painted tire plates, adjusting or scraping the ash. But it’s prompt to break as well.

4. Metal scraper

Due to its inherent advantage of high toughness, it’s specially designed for dealing with hard items.

Without a doubt, among metal scraper tools, the Damascus steel scraper would definitely stand out. Having many layers forged, it’s quite distinct for being super hard with unique patterns on the surface, which contributes to its wide applications.

Being obsessed with these traits, e-Design came up with an idea- designing the MScraper, which is made of the Damascus steel, overcoming the common problem of easily getting broken or blunt.

A distinct feature you can see is that it’s edged at 30°, contributing to great sharpness and flexibility. It’s as small as a pen, so you can grasp it in one hand. And what makes it different is that it can be polished into desired shape and bevel edge by the user himself.

Here is more specific information about its advantages.

Industrial quality

This steel scraper-Damascus steel scraper is born to be extremely hard. Modern Damascus steel is made from a forging process where the material is a combination of soft and hard original steel, generating steel of high flexibility and toughness. The singularity of the general steel will result in a situation in which both flexibility and hardness cannot be achieved at the same time. And Damascus steel is made of multi-layer forging, its density is larger than that of ordinary steel, and it will be of a certain weight. Therefore, high hardness is its inborn trait.

Being pretty sharp is its charismatic feature as well. That is why it used to be the material for war weapons. e-Design’s MScraper, the Damascus steel scraper, adds a stylish design on it. Its main blade is edged at 30°, making it much sharper.

Fine workmanship

One of the specialties of this sort of scraper is that it consists of multiple steel layers which are repeatedly folded and forged, bringing out the pattern of “blossoming cloud”you see on the surface. Appreciated by the tribe in the past, Damascus steel scrapers with natural patterns were made into customized weapons to show users’personality. And this kind of weapon is a superb tool for piercing the armor. Nowadays, people are still attached to these magical patterns. This is one of the designing concepts of MScraper.

 Wide applications

This gadget is capable of scraping, deburring, cutting, shoveling, and prying things.

Consequently, it has many different usages.

Have to remove stains on the boardScrape it.

Have to cut out a screw? Shovel it.

Have to trim the crafts? Deburr it.



Thusit’s an indispensable tool on the electronic engineer’workbench and also an efficient gadget for crafting, cleaning, etc.


Some kind of steel scrapers has the sharpness of portability. What may make MScraper more appealing is its little size, which allows it to be the Everyday Carry(EDC).

An MScraper in a tiny leather case fits in any pocket. So it would be by your side whenever in need.

With all these advantages, how is it possible that someone will reject such an amazing gadget?

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