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How To Make the Most Out of a Trucking Career

With the increase in online shopping and home delivery of almost any product, the trucking industry is booming. This means a massive shortage of workers, as well as a great opportunity for good drivers to find a company to help them grow. However, newly trained drivers and veterans alike often aren’t familiar with the items to look for when vetting a trucking company. Also, one really needs to know why the trucking industry is so important and then accordingly enter it with tactical decisions and plans.

Trucking Career

Where To Begin

It might be confusing to find the best starting point in the search for a new trucking career. For example, you can search the internet for Florida rock and tank lines careers, but what should you look for when researching different companies? The most obvious starting place is salary. Some companies offer signing bonuses, but when reading the fine print, you may find that not everyone qualifies for them. It’s best to view total compensation, rather than be sold on a flashy bonus that may or may not be attainable.

What Compensation Should Entail

Here are a few items to look for when considering compensation.

  1. Is there a higher pay differential for night and weekend driving? Drivers are often on the road at these times, and this could be a huge difference in pay when comparing companies.
  2. Consider overall benefits, which make a big difference in total compensation. Does the company offer life insurance?
  3. What would your future compensation look like? Is there an opportunity for increases after staying with a company for a period of time? Several trucking companies even offer incentives for safe driving, which could be a nice addition to a salary over time.
  4. How does the company handle time off? It’s important to consider your quality of life and time away from trucking. Look at whether there are paid vacations or holidays.

What is the Safety Culture

In addition to compensation, it is imperative to find a company with a culture focused on safety. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration keeps records of safety information for companies. In addition to a company’s own safety policies, this may be a good place to determine its safety standards. Even veteran drivers can use refresher training on safe policies and procedures. It’s best if a company offers hands on training prior to getting on the road.

You shouldn’t make a hasty decision when researching which trucking company would be the best employer for you. There are several items to consider, from compensation and overall benefits to a company’s safety culture. A well researched decision can lead to a lucrative and rewarding career in the trucking industry.

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