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Page Builder Review – Is It The Best Landing Page Software?

If you want to achieve higher conversions with good performance of your products, then there won’t be any best alternative of landing page. I have used so many landing page builders. So, today I am going to give my best page builder reviews instapage would be the best tool for you.

Like other tools of its style, Instapage provides you with an easy and fast way to create your landing page in a matter of minutes with a professional look and without the need to know programming.

Another of the first benefits of this marketing tool is that you do not have to install anything, it works in the cloud, you do not need to have hosting to make it work.

To get subscribers with Instapage

The most common use of these tools is undoubtedly getting subscribers through opt in from a landing page, this is the more professional, more conversion options we have.

And of course, to make it easier, we need templates, Instapage offers various professional options with which you can create thank-you pages, downloads, get leads, make webinars, among others.

Creating a landing page with Instapage is very simple and fast.

Once you have selected your ideal template, you should only modify the texts, the buttons, put your opt-in, and finally, once you have it ready, publish it in one of the sub-domains of the page.

Page Builder Review – Is It The Best Landing Page Software

Of course, this is the most basic, you can perfect it in the best way possible, adding or removing those items that best suit you, you can even create tests, without obsessing.

To create an A / B test with Instapage

An A / B test is an effective way to test which of the variations of your page is giving the best result, in this way you will choose the one with the best conversions, increasing your returns.

With Instapage you can do an A / B test in a very fast and efficient way, in just a few minutes you can change those areas that best suit you, differentiating it from your A page, Instapage will be responsible for showing the two versions to the users who visit it. , this is great and very effective.

Page Builder Review – Is It The Best Landing Page Software

In addition, not only will you send half of the traffic to your two versions, Instapage identifies which one is giving better results and sends traffic proportionally to the one with the best performance, increasing the conversion possibilities.

Some details of Instapage
  • It has a drag and drop editor, professional.
  • Many templates to choose from, over 70.
  • Integrations with various auto-responder services.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • Your landing pages will be published in sub-domains of Instapage, so you do not need hosting.

Why use Instapage, is it for me …?

Well, the uses of the landing page are endless, it will depend on your needs or your creativity, you can create landing of all kinds with all kinds of ends, you can use it to create a simple landing to capture subscribers in your blog, for example …

Your landing should lead to a thank you page, a download page, etc., Instapage will make it very easy, you can create a test to launch any startup or project, for the launch of any of your products, e-books, etc.

In your series of emails, you can direct them to different types of landing page and see which of them gives you better results and conversions, if you have books on Amazon, you can create a landing page just for it.

If you are a company and you offer related services, you can create one or several landing pages where you will collect the data of your potential clients, you can do different tests to see which of them converts better.

You can even create a sales page where you can put your PayPal payment buttons or similar, a luxury that with Instapage will be easier and more profitable, all this in just a few minutes with a professional finish.

You can use your WordPress with Instapage

You should know that there is a special plugin that facilitates the integration of Instapage with your WordPress, this is great since it facilitates a lot, this is another of the extra advantages that you have using this great tool.

How can these tools help you earn money?

The first question one can ask is why you should use this type of tools to earn money, the quick answer may be that if you do not use them you will earn less money.

Think for a moment, the web is in full growth, every day there is more competition and more professional, if we stay below, we will surely achieve lower results.

Page Builder Review – Is It The Best Landing Page Software

The solution is to use professional tools that help us with all the heavy lifting, especially when it comes to pages and code, having to create a professional page would take a lot of time and maybe a lot of money if we had to entrust it to someone.

Instapage, Profit Builder, Insta Builder, are professional tools whose sole mission is to facilitate the path to success, avoiding a lot of work on the one hand and helping us create professional projects for another that will undoubtedly be vital to increase our profits.

If we see it from the side of the user, reader, subscriber, client, it will be easier to call your attention by presenting a professional page that if it is not, after all, it will reflect our work that undoubtedly will help increase our chances of making money.

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