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Computer Support and Help Desk: How to Choose the most Efficient

At the beginning, a newly purchased computer works perfectly, but with time is almost sure that the operating system will encounter problems. For instance, just by using a computer, the amount of data downloaded and saved everyday will affect its performance during time.  For this reason, periodic maintenance is necessary and having a help desk available in an organization can be a huge help. Not to mention in the case of a virus, where the consequences could be particularly serious.

Good IT support and a help desk is therefore a necessity, when speaking about computers – and also mobile devices. This website is recommended for high quality IT support for businesses. One thing is sure: The „connectivity“ entails risks, of any type. Choosing a help desk service that can be trusted, especially in the case of companies working with sensible data, is not easy at all. Indeed, the companies offering IT services and assistance have increased exponentially during the last years. One thing is sure: Before choosing, check all the references and professional certificates.

The ever more frenetic rhythms and lifestyle and the growing need to access data everywhere, make the access from a remote computer today an increasingly used technology. Also help desks can then be accessed remotely in order to resolve critical issues. Offering remote support means that the IT help desk or company operator can remotely access, from a remote computer, through the internet, to connected devices and intervene on them both at the hardware as well as at the software level. The advantages offered by taking advantage of remote support are noteworthy for companies, as assistance is provided in much faster times compared to a physical intervention and entailing a lower economic burden.

The interventions operated by remote support, possible both on desktop computers and on mobile devices, offer maximum security both during access and in the event of a possible data transfer, perhaps recovered from an obsolete or failed device. Connecting people and machines to each other, this is the mission of remote support, able to offer quality assistance in a fast and precise way.

The tasks of a help desk are not only the management or updating of a computer’s operating system, but also the configuration of a hardware, the removal of viruses and malware, as well as the monitoring of performance, so that it is possible to predict malfunctions. In addition, the system monitoring allows to monitor the CPU, or the “operating center” of the device, evaluating its operation, use or temperature; next to that, it takes care of checking the amount of free RAM or storage space still available on a hard disk. A good system monitoring could already be the solution to a long standing and too widespread problem: The slowing down of a device.

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Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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