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4 Expert Tips For The Lawn Care

Everyone wants the grass of his lawn to have great strength and be good looking at the same time; a possible and reachable result, if it is cared in the right way by Lawn Mowing Services Jacksonville Fl. Let´s see today the 4 expert tips for the lawn care according to

1. Fertilize in abundance

Fertilizing is essential for lawn care. In fact, those who supply the right nourishment to the grass, four or five times a year, effectively prevent the growth of moss and weeds. As an energy-rich “snack”, you can use an organic-mineral fertilizer. The last fertilization of the year should take place in September. In February-March, however, it is time for the first fertilization of the new year. Remember that it is always better to fertilize too much than too little. The lawn certainly cannot become too thick and an organic-mineral fertilizer will certainly not damage it. If you still are confused, you can always seek help from experts like

2. Cut the grass many times

The more you cut, the more the lawn becomes beautiful. We advise you to cut it two or three times a week, for example with the use of a front mower. In fact, those who fertilize a lot must also cut the grass a lot. Rarely cut lawns are more likely to weaken, get sick and be attacked by weeds. Apart from saving time, cutting the lawn every day – or every two days – only eliminates the regrowth and leaves the shredded grass that becomes a precious fertilizer. The height of the grass should be left between 2 and 4 centimeters, which in itself leads to very frequent cuts especially in Spring and Autumn. Getting a string trimmer or a lawnmower will help save you time and effort in the process. According to BestOfMachinery’s Bob Robinson, we have to consider the weight of the mower we’re getting. In landscaping work, you don’t want the mower to be too heavy. A lighter one can be easily transported from place to place

3. Water yes, but not too much

When watering you have to be rather thrifty. Unlike fertilizing, the rule here is: Better too little than too much. The grass needs more abundant water only if it is very hot. A lawn’s water requirement depends on the temperature and soil conditions. Therefore, it is difficult to give a general indication about the intensity and frequency of watering. However, there is an approximate rule: During periods of heat and drought, water twice a week, and for each watering give about 15 liters of water per square meter of lawn.

4. Let the lawn rest

If you follow the instructions above, there is only one thing left to do to get a velvety, thick and vital lawn: After fertilizing it, cutting it with a front mower, and watering it, let the lawn just grow in peace. With the onset of the cold season the lawn can rest without being trampled for the time necessary to strengthen and thicken.

In general, to identify the best space where to have a lawn, it is good to choose a sunny area that can enjoy at least 6 hours of sunshine per day. Moreover, it is good to choose carefully the type of seed according to the intended use of the lawn, wheter it is ornamental, sporting or recreational, this will influence the choice of the seed selection. It is up to you, but remember that if you are searching for a company specialised in lawn care, you can not miss Peruzzo.

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Ann Castro
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