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A Simple Guide For Moving To Colorado

Colorado is world-renowned for its picturesque landscapes, teeming wildlife, and seemingly endless outdoor activities. In Colorado, it doesn’t matter what the temperature outside is or what season it is – there is always a reason to get out there and have fun.

With high-energy sports like mountain biking, skiing, canoeing, and white-water rafting, Colorado is not short of adrenaline-junkie fixes all year round. If you’ve recently moved here and are unsure how to make the most of your new life, read on for a bite-sized guide to navigating this beautiful state.

Moving To Colorado

Fitness Friendly

Coloradans take fitness and health extremely seriously. This is quite possibly the least couch-potato-friendly state by any measure, but if you choose to stay in and binge-watch Netflix from time to time – no one is judging.

Some residents embrace a slow-paced and mostly sedentary existence – but for most people in this state, high levels of activity are encouraged and have become part of the dominant culture here. Skiing is a popular sport, but time is also taken to enjoy a local coffee in Aspen and elsewhere to warm up after spending a day on the slopes.

Nothing will stop a Coloradan from getting out into the great outdoors, however, so dust off your skis, finish off that coffee, and get out there!

Learn How To Ski

Trust us on this one, if you don’t know how to ski – you might want to learn, and quickly. Skiing is a massively popular activity in Colorado and is half the reason for its crazy high tourism levels. If you’re not comfortable on the slopes, don’t fret – there is an instructor for everything out here.

Skiing can be a pretty pricey sport, so splash out a little and get the right gear – it’ll be worth it when you’re spending every other weekend hitting the white with your friends. Colorado offers some of the most luxurious ski resorts in the country.

Craft Beer

This one might be a little harder for the ladies, but Colorado is hugely famous for its craft beer community. That is not to say you can’t get anything else, or that beer is strictly for the boys – it just means that if you don’t appreciate some hops and barley in your life, you might have a slightly less than a great experience.

Coloradans are young, educated, and well-paid – making them the prime candidates for exploring the Colorado real estate market. With some of the lowest property taxes in the country, well, the rates anyway – this is a tremendously popular state to call home.

Altitude Adjustment

What many people neglect to mention before you move here is that the altitude adjustment will be a kick in the pants. You will likely experience headaches, dizziness, and even shortness of breath when you first move here.

Take it easy at first, especially if you have a respiratory illness like asthma. It will only take a few weeks to acclimate, so take it slow and enjoy gentle activities first.

The Air Is Dry

The air in Colorado is bone dry for most of the year. Pack extra moisturizer, and expect a sore throat and a few nosebleeds to be the highlight of your initial time here. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids as it is exceptionally easy to get dehydrated in the Rocky Mountain state.

Drinking water can help avoid altitude sickness, so pass up on those famous craft beers for the first week or two after unpacking. You could also consider investing in a humidifier – they have been known to help.

Other than that – relax and enjoy your life in your new and extremely trendy location.


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