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14 Moving and Packing Tips for Your Smoothest Move Yet

Let’s get it straight- moving is never easy, be it the first time or the 10th one. It comes with a lot of chaos, complications and hassles, but there’s nothing a good planning strategy can’t fix. For example, many people like to hire a company in advance of the move that offers a Man and van croydon service, or a similar service near them, to get the job done for them. You will find a lot of tried and tested moving tips all over the internet to help you with this huge task, but we are here to give you the most useful ones that are practical, easy and definitely can be leveraged effortlessly.

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So, time to destress yourself and apart from hiring good packers and movers Ahmedabad, ensure sticking to these relocation tips to guarantee a smooth and very hassle free move.

1. Say Goodbye to your Extras

Cutting back on clutter is the most miraculously useful thing that should be done before moving to a brand new place. You have to understand which are your extra belongings and treat them as waste. You can sell them, or donate them, your wish. But the more you declutter, the easier will be the complete process of relocation for you.

2. Make a Folder for Official Documents

Be it rental or moving papers or contracts or other important official documents, to ensure that they are not misplaced or lost, keep them in a folder or file. This would be a great way to guarantee their safety so that you don’t face any unforeseen situation due to losing them.

3. Pack Essentials in Advance

One of the vital and most useful packing tips for moving would be to pack your essential items in advance, so that no matter what, you don’t forget to take them along with you and find them easily after the relocation is one.

4. Hire Your Movers & Packers Early

Hire Your Movers & Packers Early

Whether you are hiring packers and movers in  Ahmedabad or any other helping hand, make sure that you do your research & shortlisting in advance, as last minute chaos is something that needs to be avoided at any cost. Also, during peak season, hiring late means having to pay more, which can be avoided.

Pro Tip: Always do your due diligence before hiring a relocation company, check their GST registration certificates, PAN, Trademark and also visit their office if possible to avoid falling prey to fraudulent companies.

5. Sort Out all Your Utilities at the New Place

Is your date and time of moving finalised? Time to call up the utility provider and get things sorted at the new home. From water to electricity, ask them to check everything so that everything is in order on the day you move.

6. Your Essentials Should be with You

You might give everything to be handled by the moving company, but essential & expensive items should be carried by you to avoid any sort of risk. Be it medicines to emergency appliances or documents & jewellery, these belongings should be carried solely by you.

Now that you have an idea of the important things to keep in mind before relocation to make the process more smooth and seamless. If you are packing on your own, without any professional help, points 7 to 14 are some of the packing tips that will help you with the relocation process.

7. Invest in High Quality Packing Materials

Invest in High Quality Packing Materials

You can either go to a local grocery store and score some of the empty cargo boxes, but are they good in quality? Rather, go for proper moving boxes that are durable and sturdy, thus, you don’t have to overthink about the condition of your belongings during transit.

8. Pack Little Everyday To Avoid Last Minute Rush

To avoid being overburdened with packing everyday, you can set some time off everyday and keep that particular free time to pack gradually, until the final day arrives.

9. A Moving Essential Bag is a Must

It is tremendously helpful to have a separate bag packed with moving essentials that will help you get settled in the new place.

10. Never Overpack a Box

You can use extra boxes or bags if needed, but never overpack in a single one. This would ensure that the boxes don’t cave in while transporting.

11. Use the Right Size of Packing Boxes

Always pack heavy belongings in small boxes, and lighter ones in larger boxes. Also, pack the heavier ones at the bottom and the lighter ones on their top.

12. No Empty Spaces Allowed

To avoid items shifting around (within your packing boxes) during the move, fill the gaps inside the boxes using packing paper or clothing or bubble wrap.

Pro Tip: Layer & wrap delicate items with your blankets or clothes to ensure safety.

13. Label and Take Photos

Label and Take Photos

This is the most important part of shifting and you should number & label the boxes properly, and even write ‘fragile’ over the breakables.  Also, take photos of the boxes so that they are not misplaced easily and you can keep a track of them.

14. Don’t rush to save time

Last but not the least, you should never rush while packing during the move to save time. This way, you can end up missing out on items or even misplace things. Thus, start early and do things slow & steady.

Trust you find these tips helpful in your move. Leave a comment below to let us know of your moving hacks.

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