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The Ultimate Moving Supplies List For Your Big Move

Only the strange among us enjoy the process of moving house. Really, it’s not a nice part of life. The stress of packing, finding a house, shipping your stuff, buying boxes, handing over keys, cleaning the place – it’s all part of one big process that has a lovely ending. And in such cases, hiring home movers can be such a relief. Companies like are there to help your house move go as smoothly as possible, so make sure to search for companies near you.

The Ultimate Moving Supplies List For Your Big Move

I just don’t like the beginning part!

Consider what you have to go through when you are moving to a new property. You are uprooting your life – even if it is just to the next street – and you will encounter ten tons of stuff that you didn’t even know you had stashed away in the secret corners of your house.

It can be tempting to wing the situation and just hope for the best, but it can be better to be precise, instead. In this guide, we’re going to walk you through the supplies you need for the big move ahead.

What You Definitely Need

Before you start sorting your things, you need to be armed and ready with supplies ready to pack things into. The stuff you definitely need to have include:

●     Boxes

The bane of the life of those who are moving is which boxes to pick. Brown boxes, white boxes, big boxes, small boxes. The options of box city are endless and you can use up to 100 boxes for a house move – insane, right?

Use different box sizes for different rooms and make sure you’ve got them you start thinning down your things. This way, you can go from room to room without having to stop to buy even more boxes as you go.

●    Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap and plastic wrap will protect your belongings, so you need to wrap your fragile items and awkward items to prevent scratching! You can ensure that your things are covered throughout the move, without opening boxes to damaged goods at the new place.

●    Markers & Tape

Labeling every box? That’s important. You can do it with those big chunky markers, or you can do it with a specific labelling machine and printed labels.

No matter what, you need to ensure that your movers know where to put all of your things, and that means labeling, and as a side note click here to know more about that form enKo website.

Tape is necessary to pack your things, but skip out on the Scotch tape and go straight for the box tape and duct tape. You need the strong stuff and you need a tape dispenser to make it work, too. Most moving companies offer packing supplies with a discount, so check with yours before you shop around.

●    Packing Paper

Believe it or not, the old school route of packing paper and newspaper can protect your belongings as much as other materials can. Bubble wrap is great, but not everything needs bubbles for protection.

Go for packing paper for the items you want a little cushioning around, and bubble wrap for breakable items.

What Would Be Nice To Have

Not all moving supplies are created equal, and if you’re in a hurry you might not have enough time to get every single supply out there. The good news is that you don’t need them.

Below is a list of the moving supplies that would be nice to have, but aren’t essentials if you have already covered the supplies in the list above.

●    Clear Plastic Boxes/Bins

Clear boxes are the way to go if you’ve got some stuff you want to remain safe while in transit. Plastic bins can offer excellent protection in case things fall over on top of it in the moving van.

●    Quilted Blankets

On the topic of protection for your belongings, use quilted blankets to protect glass and TV screens. You can rent these blankets from a moving company, or you can buy them from other packaging and supply companies that are happy to provide this solution for moving day.

●    Floor Protection

Your flooring in the house you are moving out of needs to be protected from furniture dragging across the floor. Scratches are difficult to manage when you are moving out and you could end up spending more money on fixes that you didn’t budget for in your moving finances.

●    Bungee Cords

That huge antique sideboard you have? Keep that from smashing inside the moving van with bungee cords to tie it down. You also need to ensure that your fifty-inch television (the one you’re still making payments on) stays intact in the van.

Don’t skip out on this step: your stuff depends on it!

Each of these moving supplies has its place, and your big move should go off without a hitch if you are well-prepared. Good luck!

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