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Does Buying Backlinks Work In 2020?

Many of the SEO experts recommend not to buy links for your website. There is a good reason for that because buying backlinks is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. That is the reason that many of the experts do not promote paid link building. But there is a great SEO benefits of buying backlinks for your website. I asked many companies and businesses about paid link building. Many of them still pay for links but most of them pay for legitimate links. There are still many agencies around the world that sell backlinks. If you want guest post outreach service, then you can get it on

Does Buying Backlinks Work In 2020

If there is a risk of buying backlinks then why the business owners buy in the first place? Before going any further, let’s address what is a paid link?

What Is A Paid Link?

Paid link means any link that you get by cash or by goods or services. Some companies send free products to the blogger and ask them to write about it. Moreover, the guest post and paid reviews are paid links. It looks likes that every safe link building strategy is somehow violating the Google TOS.

Why Companies Still Buying links?

In the past, paid link building was not against the google terms and conditions and considered as the best way to increase the ranks in google. Many directory websites allow you to buy a link. After that, google ask the users to report any paid link to force the link sellers and buyers to change their strategy. Google is becoming smarter every day and link building is becoming riskier.

But still, many companies are willing to pay for a quality backlink. The reason because this strategy is very effective and it is all they know. Companies are also focusing on organic link building and content marketing. One of the best ways to get organic backlinks is to create valuable content. However, these kinds of practices take time. You need to create content that has the potential of getting organic links and highly relevant to your niche.

How to Buy Links?

Some many blogs and websites are selling backlinks. You need to get a link from a high authority website. You need to vet each website for anything that seems off like PageRank, history of the domain, etc. Moreover, you need to buy links slowly at first. After that, you can increase the number every month. The link profile of your website should not have more than 25% of paid links. Another thing to keep in mind is the diversity of the anchor text.

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If your link profile is not good then there are high chances of penalty from Google. Some people are making their PBNs to sell backlinks and to rank their websites. These kinds of practices cannot work in 2020. If you are getting a link from a private blog network then you are at high risk of penalty.

Moreover, you should not get side wide links such as footer, sidebar, and navigation. These are spammy links. You also need to avoid paying someone on freelance platforms for buying backlinks. There are many red flag websites and getting links from such websites can badly affect your website authority. No matter, you are buying links or making them organically. The backlink profile of your website is very important. You should keep a constant eye on it to make sure you are on the right track. Moreover, double-check a website authority, PageRank, etc. before buying any link.

Do Paid Link Works?

Paid links work effectively but only the paid links cannot help improve the ranking of your website. You should also focus on building some organic backlinks. Most of the business who buy paid links thinks that is the most efficient backlink strategy. Most of these businesses focus on getting links by guest posting.

What is Guest Posting and How It Works?

Guest blogging is a great strategy for building some quality backlinks for your website. There are many scenarios of guest posting. For example, an editor of a website approaches you and asks you to write high-quality content on a subject you are expert in. After that, you go and create good quality content and the editor published it on the website and you get tons of traffic. Moreover, it shares your content on the social media so millions of readers can read it.

Another scenario in which you send an idea to the editor of a website magazine. If the editor likes the idea, he or she asks you to write an article for their magazine. When a magazine writer needs an article, the writer research on the topic. Many magazines allows freelance writer to publish whatever they want. The main idea of a guest post is to find a website that has a good reputation and accepts guest posts.

After that, you need to contact the editor and need to pitch an idea. You can use the contact form or you can visit the page of an editor. Send them all the details like your idea, qualification, and company. If the editor approves your idea, then it is time to write an article. If the editor is not replying then send him another follow-up email. The editor can ask you to make important changes in the article. It is important to submit it on time and try to meet the requirements of the blog.


Paid links are an effective strategy for link building. Many businesses and companies buy paid links for their websites. But it is important to keep your backlink profile healthy and it should not have more than 25% of paid links. Another thing to keep in mind is the diversity of the anchor text. If you are a writer then you can do a guest post which also provides a good link building opportunity. But you need to make sure that the website you are buying link from is of high-authority.

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