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5 Best Motorcycle Safety Accessories and Gear

To ride a motorcycle safely and in style, you need a certain amount of gear. All motorcyclists know that there is a wide range of quality in these accessories.

If you are just getting into riding, how can you know which products are worth the money and which will only fail you when it’s most crucial?

Best Motorcycle Safety Accessories and Gear

This article will help answer that question. Read on for the best motorcycle safety accessories and gear on the market today.

1. Helmet

When it comes to your helmet you have three choices; full helmet, ¾ helmet, and ½ helmet. The full helmet offers the most protection but you can choose the other two if you prefer.

You absolutely cannot choose to wear no helmet.

Of all the areas of your body you just can’t live without, your brain is one of the top three, so protect it with a high quality helmet!

Helmets come in a wide range of prices but the most expensive isn’t always the safest. Here are three of the most recommended helmets to purchase:

2. Eye Protection

Most high quality helmets come with a built in visor but if you went with a ¾ or ½ helmet instead of the full, you may still need to protect your eyes.

You may look cooler if you wear sunglasses but for optimum protection, you should buy riding goggles. The design of these has come a long way since the days of old.

When purchasing eye protection, look for anti-fog, dustproof, and shatterproof eyewear. Without this, your vision could become impaired and cause you to get into a crash.

It’s always best to be prepared ahead of time. Get yourself a good pair of riding goggles and then learn what to do in the event of a motorcycle crash.

Our recommendations for motorcycle eye protection:

3. Gloves

The last thing you want is for your grip on the handles to slip on due to sweat or rain. You want to always be in control of your steering. Gloves can make this possible.

Make sure you pick the right size for your hands. They should be snug, not loose.

You’ll also want a pair of gloves that have built-in slip protection and some padding on your palms and knuckles to protect your hands in the case of a fall.

Lastly, the right set of riding gloves will have wrist straps to keep them from falling off.

Here are three good gloves to choose from:

4. The Jacket

Every serious motorcyclist owns a leather jacket. There are many facets of a safe motorcycle jacket. In fact, there is a whole article and infographic on it.

The basics are to make sure that it is made of the correct material, is water and windproof, is durable and has tough stitching. It doesn’t have to be leather but if it isn’t, it needs to be high durability synthetic.

You can take your protection to the next level by wearing a jacket with built-in armor and high visibility.

You want to ensure that the jacket fits right. Too loose and it can ride up and offer very little protection between you and the road. Too tight and it may just rip at the point of contact.

Here are three perfect examples of suitable motorcycle jackets:

5. Boots

You’ll want to choose boots that offer the correct amount of protection while still being comfortable enough to walk around in.

Riding boots should offer ankle protection, have grip soles, and have laces that stay on the inside of the boot. This will prevent any tangling from occurring around the pedals.

Here are out recommendations for riding boots:


If you will notice, many of these cool accessories play two parts.

While it is commonly believed that the leather jackets and boots are all for style, you’ve learned that these pieces of clothing are an important part of staying safe on the road.

Don’t skimp on the leather simply because you are afraid of the stereotype. Investing in the products on this list will allow for the best and safest way to own a motorcycle.

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