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8 Water Saving Devices For Your Home

If you are getting high water bills, it is because your home is using more water than it actually needs. We don’t realize how much water goes wasted in our simple day to day activities like showering or watering plants. Here are a few devices that can help you save the precious water.

Water Saving Devices For Your Home

  1. Shower Head With Flow Restrictor

A flow restrictor in a shower head helps to conserve water by controlling the amount of water which flows from it. Some shower heads with flow restrictors can reduce the amount of water from 2.5 GPM to 1.5 GPM. But in areas where the water levels are already low, shower heads with flow restrictors can deliver water with poor pressure.

In such cases, low flow shower heads are the better option than flow restrictors. They can also bring down your water consumption lower than 2.5 GPM. However make sure you invest in a good quality low flow shower head as poor quality may suffer from low water pressure.

  1. Faucet Aerator

Faucet aerators are some of the most simple and inexpensive ways you can conserve water in your home. It is usually installed at the end of water faucets in your bathroom or kitchen sink. They enable mixing of air with the water stream which helps in reducing the volume of water which flows out without reducing water pressure. They also reduce the splash distance by breaking down wide faucet streams into narrow faucet streams.

  1. Point-Of-Use Hot Water Heater

If your home uses a lot of hot water, it might be time to get a point-of-use hot water heater. It not only delivers hot water more quickly but also saves energy.

The POU hot water heater prevents wastage of water by eliminating water which runs down the drain. This is because it reduces the distance from the water heater to the faucets & shower heads.

In a central water heater the water tends to travel a long distance through the pipes and hot water is supplied only after an initial stream of cold water. Thus POU heater is a better option which saves both water and energy. You can get this installed with the help of a licensed plumber.

  1. Fill Cycle Diverters

A fill cycle diverter is a very effective way to save water during flushes and can save up to half a gallon per flush. This plastic device works by redirecting the flow of water to the tank instead of the bowl. It is super easy to install and does not require a professional. It does not affect the flush power by any means.

  1. Water Pebbles

Water pebbles are a relatively new addition to the market. They are modern and compact devices which are placed near the drain hole to monitor your water usage during a shower. They have 3 lights – green, yellow and red. You start your shower with the green light which progresses to yellow when you have used sufficient water. If it flashes red it means you have overused water for your shower.

  1. Weather Based Irrigation Controller

If you own a large garden which needs to be watered regularly, you can use a weather based irrigation controller. A large amount of water is wasted by overwatering or watering when it is not needed. The water based irrigation controller manages water supply according to the local weather conditions. It automatically detects the best time for watering. For example when the weather is hot it permits the flow of more water. Similarly when it is cold, watering is curbed.

  1. Toilet Tank Bags

Toilet tank bags are generally used for older toilet models. This bag is placed inside the tank and it displaces a good amount of water with each flush. It is super inexpensive and easy to install. You can save up to 22 % of your water bill with this device.

  1. Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation is another water conserving system for garden owners. It reduces evaporation by allowing water to slowly drip to the roots of plants. You can also use this in your terrace or backyard garden.

Conserving water is not as difficult as you think. With a little bit of time and effort you can implement a few water saving techniques in your home. You will be surprised at the reduction in your water bills. To help you to monitor your consumptions you should try water billing system.

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