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8 Proven Instagram Marketing Tactics To Turn Your Followers Into Customers

Marketing your brand can be done in many fun and exciting ways. With today’s advancement in information technology, different social media platforms have been developed to make brand presence easier and more convenient.

On Instagram, many users and companies have made their businesses known to the public through different creative marketing campaigns as well as customer experience. One of the critical factors to consider is by having a large number to grow your business.

Of course, having large followers on Instagram is just one step. The most critical part is by converting your followers into customers. Here are 8 brilliant ideas on how to turn your followers into customers of your brand.

1. Communicate with your followers

Your followers hate it when they are ignored, in any way possible. One way to attract them and convert them into customers is to communicate with them. Some of your followers would leave a comment on your posts. It’s just right that you respond to their conversation starters and appreciate their comments.

Another way to do it is to create your conversation starter. For instance, you can post a picture or video and ask a question for your followers. In that way, they have something to ponder.

Conducting a survey is also another way of knowing what they think about your brand. As such, you will be able to identify the factors or items that you need to retain or improve.

2. Originality is the key

It is a fact that creating content on your page can be quite challenging. Your followers may also be overwhelmed with dull content. It is recommended that you be able to come up with creative and engaging content. This is not only to entertain your followers but also to engage them to become customers of your company or brand.

One of the ingenious ways is to create a video series that will tickle their senses of following the story. Gaining attention is difficult. However, being original and creative is a great factor to attract customers.

3. Creativity in making promotions

Another way to convert your followers into customers is to offer Instagram Promotions. This is similar to any other posts, with a few variations. Instagram promotions have a sponsored label at the bottom of the handle in the corner. It may also include a call-to-action button at the bottom of the promotion.

This can be done by posting a picture of your product or service together with a discount code for your followers to use in the next few hours or days. As such, followers will be attracted to your brand and act quickly to take advantage of this kind of opportunity.

3. Boost your customers

Try to offer incentives for customers who purchase your product or avail of your services. This is important if you want to increase sales from Instagram.

One of the ways is to run a contest on your page that asks your followers to submit a picture of themselves wearing one of your products. Offer an incentive to customers if they buy your product and be featured on your page.

4. Never forget to have customer support

Customer service is one way to gain loyalty from your followers and/or customers. Great after-sales engagement is one of the factors that customers are looking for in purchasing a product. This is where warranties come in to play. You can also post on your page the kind of after-sales service you have given a customer. In that way, more followers will be encouraged to become customers.

5. Create and use hashtags

Hashtags are important on social media platforms, especially if you want your business to grow. Hashtags can help expose your brand and reach more users. Hashtags can be used with every picture you post. The hashtag can also be used on all of your social media accounts. Doing this, the chances of liking, commenting, and using the hashtag in their posts will be momentous.

6. Be active on Instagram

Followers and customers love it when they see that you are active on your page. This can be seen by the frequency of your likes and comments on your followers’ posts. Replying and appreciating the comments they leave on your posts is one of the ways to show that you also reach out to them.

7. Be creative with your story

Followers are bored with dull and repetitive content. You can create a story of how your business started or how your family is involved in running your business. You can create a video about how customers are satisfied with your brand. As such, more and more followers will be compelled to buy your product.

Instagram is an amazing social media platform that can help you grow your business. Your followers can be considered to be potential customers. Encouraging them to buy your product or avail of your services can be challenging. However, being creative and proactive can help you in increasing sales and reaching out to more people.




Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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