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4 The Reason Why Your Content Is Not Ranking

You have launched your website, written content and you are ready for an influx of visitors to start engaging and ultimately convert. On paper, everything looks good and easy. But in practice, your website isn’t ranking for its target keywords or for any keywords at all, why it happens.

4 The Reason Why Your Content Is Not Ranking

It doesn’t matter whether you are a bedroom blogger or a small business owner, improving your website’s ranking can seem like the challenges.

Learning how to stand out online and presenting yourself as a top ranker, it is a little bit difficult but not impossible. You have to avoid common SEO blunders, to increase your site’s performance and watch out for these four reasons why your site is not ranking in search engine. In the digital market, many digital marketing agencies are available that can help you to increase your content ranking.

1. What are you Writing About:- Search engine algorithm considers hundreds of ranking factors when you “choosing” where to position your webpage. Your page speed is related to these range from your link profile. But focus on anything else. You should look at the subjects of your content pieces, plain and simple.

  • What are you Writing About?
  • Your content is the right answer to user questions that you have researched.
  • Will it be useful to a wide audience.

These above all above are questions related to content relevance. In your content need to have several qualities for search engines which consider its relevant content. Your content should be original, authoritative, and directly related to the webpage where it is posted. The digital audience is not interested in regarding duplicated, plagiarised or irrelevant content. Otherwise, they have done more effort into Google’s SERPs to find such content. This is not the right thing for your content. You can write amazing content if you do research beforehand that you would want to read if you searched for a topic online. Don’t be panic to go long.  When you present your content more smart, original and reliable the better off you will be. Digital marketing agency time to time guide you the which of content writing liked by the audience in different subjects.

2. Selection of Right Keywords:- For an effective SEO strategy keywords research is an integral part. Without the right keyword creating content would be akin to traveling without a destination in mind. You have to create a list to targeted keywords, you have to narrow down the list even further. Following are some factors, those should help you decide which ones you will target.

  • Keywords Volume:- It means the amount of traffic a keyword receives daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Keyword Difficulty:- It means how difficult it would be to rank for a given keyword.
  • Search Intent:- This means the user behind a search. A person usually uses search engines to make a purchase, find information and ideas or compare products.

With a high amount of volume and a low level of difficulty, you should target a keyword for the rank of content due to long length of the content being published online, finding such a keyword could prove to be difficult.

3. Your Site is Outdated:- Due to Google’s ever-evolving algorithm part of the reason site optimization is so complicated. Your page might perform poorly if you are not up-to-date with the rules SEO in 2020.

It doesn’t matter much if your content is stale, while the age of your domain may also hold some weight in determining organic ranking. If you have not done your web content a significant audit in more than a few months, it’s time to commit yourself to do exactly that. Take s look of Digital Marketing agency for your content and update where needed.

4. Server Overload:- Your server could overload and crash if it is not set for a prepared for sudden surges in traffic. Those are on a shared, they have a higher chance of going down because someone also on some server might see a sudden increase in traffic. If you exceed your bandwidth limits many hosting packages will take your site down. If your site manages to get featured on a popular site this can happen. If your site experience many time downtimes, it will negatively affect your search ranking. For server safety, you can take advice from the Digital Marketing Agencies.

To increase your content ranking and increase your website traffic there is not any shortcut. Don’t try to use any wrong google algorithm tool and suffer the negative consequences of such behavior for your content. You should keep informed your online visibility and grow your content ranking. Focus on the reason those are discussing in this article and you can go for a digital marketing agency and using these ways to can increase the ranking of your content.

John Paul
John Paul
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