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The Phix Vape Pen

What Is Phix?

Vaping is done by a huge chunk of the population these days, and has become quite the alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Plenty of companies have gotten their names out there, and plenty of companies have released quality products for their users. Names like Juul and Smok tech probably ring some bells when you think about popular vapes.

The Phix Vape Pen

So what is the Phix? Phix is a product that has recently been released for the vape community, and stands to compete with products like the Juul. Phix was created by the company Major League Vapers, and they’ve been perfecting their array of products since 2010. So what makes the Phix different, and why is it a superior product? The keyword here is innovation, but let’s find out exactly why.

Pod System

One thing that Phix has that others don’t, is a truly unique pod system. Companies like the Juul all have what they refer to as closed loop systems, but at the end of the day Phix ranks much higher in this category. Now that might not mean much to someone who is already comfortable with a product like the Juul, but it is also important to know the juice you are vaping in your pods.

Phix makes this very simple, and unlike the competition, clues their users into what liquid they’re puffing. Phix uses three different liquid flavor variations, and all of their flavors come from Brewell MFG. Brewell created this juice specifically for the Phix’s pods, and this is highlighted in the device’s consistency. Phix does the best job in delivering the most consistent flavors, and each pod comes loaded up with 425 puffs on average.

Why is that important? Because you can vape more, without worrying about constantly running through pods on a daily basis. If you do use the Phix frequently you don’t need to worry, because the Phix comes with a pod refill option. This means that you can actually refill used pods to get the most value out of your device. You can also get pods in an array of different sizes, so if you need more puff you are not to worry. You can get your hands on a 4 pack of pods for a price very similar to that of Juul, as they cost about $20 a pack.


While the flavors that Phix offers may not be unique, they pack a good punch. Each Phix flavor comes packed with 50mg of salt based nicotine, which gives users that throat hit they’re looking for. If you don’t like traditional tobacco, you can also use flavors like mint and strawberry.

The best part is that if you get sick of one singular flavor, you can actually use a mixture of flavors to get the mixture as close to your preference as possible. So what else makes Phix unique?

The Battery

While the Phix shares style with other popular vaping devices, it offers a unique level of sleekness. It feels nice in your hand, and you’ll notice this from the second you pick it up. The battery fits in the device at the bottom, and allows for convenient charging. You’ll no longer need a specific piece to plug your device into, because a USB port will do the trick.

The one thing that Phix is not capable of, which is not too bad in perspective to its other benefits, is puffing while the device is charging. It is recommended that you let the device charge fully before going back for more puffs. Generally speaking, if you aren’t vaping every minute of the day, this battery will last you all day.

The Coils

Phix is also unique due to its coil type. Many of the other pod based vaping products out there utilize a cotton wick, which can lead to a decrease in flavor as you work your way further through the pod. With the Phix you do not have to worry about this problem, because the Phix device utilizes a ceramic coil. Ceramic coils allow for cleaner pulls, and better-quality puffs.

No more of that nasty spitting that you may be used to. The coil also boasts a resistance of 1.5 ohms. Phix also has a patent on their coil technology, so Phix is truly unique in that you can only obtain this type of coil through them.

The Starter Kit

Like most other pod based devices on the market, Phix offers a starter kit. The starter kit offers the tobacco flavor, and comes neatly packed with the device and charger. One thing Phix does do better than the competition, is the pricing. You can purchase a full starter kit for about $35 depending on where you go. So, overall, it is a pretty good value compared to other products. Phix will also generally ship their products to your door free of charge, so you don’t have to worry about any additional fees.

The Warranty

Phix does not like to leave you hanging, and this is evident in the fact that it comes with a one year warranty once you open the box. Just make sure that you use the number present on the device to register it with the manufacturer.

Is Fix Right for You?

The Phix is a great vaping product. It stands out among the competition, and does a good job bringing a unique closed vaping system to the table. Their website is in good order, and is very easy to navigate compared to some others. When you look at the value of the starter kit, it can be hard to claim that this product does not possess good value.

The flavor, and a battery life that outlasts juul, makes this a great kit for someone looking to get started. Even if you are tired of the same few flavors in the pod system you are currently using, the ceramic coil, and unique flavors, can be a good little change. Overall, Phix is a good product that you can get your hands on for a good value.

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