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5 Best Internet Service Providers of 2019

We are living in the world of internet. Our daily routines are all revolving around the use of the internet one way or another. What used to be a privilege has now become an absolute necessity and that for a good reason. The entertainment industry has reached new heights and you can download and stream movies and shows in resolutions up to 4k. This is just one aspect of it. Be it immersive online gaming, work environments, or household use, the internet is a must.

There are a number of Internet Service Providers (ISPS) which are offering their services in the U.S. As the competition gets fiercer, we get to enjoy better offerings at more affordable rates. Let us list down some of the best ISP providers which offer dependable services. Note that the prices fluctuate for the various offerings below listed companies’ offer, which is why we haven’t included those in our list. The chosen companies are based on user polls and satisfaction.

  • Comcast Xfinity

If you ever end up choosing between two ISPs, we are pretty positive that Xfinity will be one of them. This brand by Comcast is something of a premium like Lexus is to Toyota. The company has come a long way in establishing its repute over the course of time as a dependable ISP. It currently offers its services in around 40 states which is quite impressive. Like many other companies, it caps its data usage at 1TB which can be upgraded at an extra added cost. A great incentive which the company provides to its customers is its bundled offerings. With their most attractive triple-play package, you get to enjoy the internet, TV, and phone at a great discounted cost. To get a better idea of Xfinity internet prices, you can visit their local website. But surely this wouldn’t be an investment you might end up regretting.

  • Charter Spectrum

After the merger of Charter and Spectrum, the new giant which has emerged is quite formidable, to say the least. The company offers an internet-only package so you don’t have to go through a lot of hassle in choosing what you want. You can enjoy a connection speed of up to 65Mbps which makes your online shopping and streaming a breeze. There are various other package deals offered by the company as well which can be great facilitation if you are looking for multiple services for your household. Click here to see their services. And to put a cherry on top of the cake, there are no data caps on its internet. So you can stream, download or shop online to your heart’s content.

  • AT&T

When we talk about dependability and convenience, AT&T always comes to mind. It is one of the oldest companies in the U.S. and when you’re operating for such a long time and people stick with you, surely there is something special being offered. The speeds offered by AT&T can go up to 700Mbps based on your vicinity. The company relies heavily on bundled offers for its clients which let you avail discounted options and even go beyond the general 1TB data cap on its individual offerings. The price is somewhat on the higher side and to get a better idea on that, it is suggested to visit their local pages as per your locality.

  • CenturyLink

CenturyLink usually tops affordability when it comes to ISPs. The company has definitely made its mark upon its audiences especially for families which operate on a tight budget. Bundle up their offerings and you can land even better prices which gives all the more incentive to try it out. You don’t get overcharged with added fees as is with some other brands which could become a nuisance. The location factor is important with this company and the speed of services might fluctuate in accordance with the area of operation. Multiple users in the vicinity would definitely affect your speed. But hey, the price cut is still a great thing, and there are always certain compromises when spending on a budget is a necessity.

  • Frontier

Frontier as a company is rapidly penetrating the American ISP market. The company offers fiber optic internet connection, Cable and DSL to its consumers. The regional coverage is still relatively less but where it does provide, the customers seem satisfied. Urban areas have decent coverage but we wouldn’t suggest opting it in the rural areas. A great way would be to inquire beforehand in your local vicinity so you don’t end up suffering from a bad connection. That being said, the company does offer some great deals through its packages so be sure to check those out.

These are some of the best ISPs offering their services in various regions of the US. Feel free to explore further if some of these companies interest you, and surely you won’t be disappointed. Various metrics would affect your decision ultimately so we hope that the ISP you choose fits well with your needs.

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