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5 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone from Hackers

Before we start, just close your eyes and think how much of your daily time, you use smartphone and for what purpose? Usually, we shop online to purchase our favorite shirt or shoes or to gift someone. These all online shopping have one thing in common and that is the money transaction. To avoid the loss of time, most of the times we save are credentials in the smartphone itself. But is this safe enough? Well, we are here to help you. Here are some tips that will help your smartphone from being hacked.

Tips to Protect Your Smartphone

Encryption is the key

There is a special feature of the android that allows you to encrypt all your data. Interestingly, this can be done with a single touch of a button. Always keep your data in a ready-to-encrypt mode. Hence, in case your phone is lost or being hacked, this will help a lot.

Do not use unknown Wi-Fi

Unknown Wi-Fi’s are not safe. You never know if the Wi-Fi is taking your data secretly or not.

No unknown app sources

Always download apps from trusted sources or from playstore. Failing to do so may cause you a great loss. This is because apps from unknown sources have a possibility to have a back door that secretly extracts data from the device.

Install an anti-virus

When you do it for your desktop, you should also do it for your smartphone as well. Also remember to update the antivirus frequently.

Up to date

Always update your apps on a regular basis. The main reason behind this is that developers always strive to make the app better. So if there is even a slight possibility of the app getting cracked, developers fix it as soon as possible.

So follow these tips and keep your device safe from the hackers.

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