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Give a Boost to Your Home Wi-Fi Signal – Assured Steps to Take to Get Back Your Connection

Internet browsing slowing down immensely, incapable of streaming, wireless dead zones and dropped wi-fi signals, each of these issues can soon get maddening in a world where people feel getting online is equivalent to breathing. It might not be as critical as breathing but as important as it, of course. The only way in which you can receive decent receptive Wi-fi signal is being in the same room as your wireless outer.

Distance is undoubtedly the most obvious impediment faced by wireless internet users as there’s a definite optimal range which the signal can travel. In case the network needs to cover an area which is larger than the area which the router is able to cover or if there are too many corners to travel inside your room, you will see the performance suffering. For people residing in densely populated places, interference is yet another issue. While you can get products like best Zyxel Wifi range extender to extend the range of your Wi-fi signal, here are some other ways you may take into account.

Home Wi-Fi Signal

  • Leverage the latest and the most common wi-fi technologies

One of the best possible ways of ensuring you have a fast Wi-fi network is by utilizing updated hardware. Read on the basics of my budget router hardware and know how you can choose to use the upgraded and latest version. Currently, the key thing to take into account is that Wireless A, B and G are slow and dilapidated and Wireless N will provide you with the fastest speed wherever you go. For achieving the full speed boost, you would require a Wireless N router and a similar card in your computer.For setting up the router 192.168.l.l must be accessed first in browser.

  • Watch out for the perfect spot to keep your router

Routers may look ugly enough but this never means that you always have to hide them at the back of TV cabinet. If you’re worried about getting the best and the strongest signal, you will need to keep it in an open and free space sans obstructions. Make sure you point the antennas perpendicularly and keep it in an elevated position and also keep it at the center of your house so that you can obtain the best coverage at any place in your home.

  • Eliminate interference from any all sorts of appliances

Don’t nurture the notion that only other routers can interfere with the connection of your router. There may be microwaves, cordless phones and various other appliances that can spoil the signal of your Wi-fi router. You can solve this problem temporarily by purchasing dual band router. In case you’re on a tight budget and you don’t have enough money to purchase other hardware, make sure you move your router far away from the aforementioned objects.

Therefore, if you’ve been suffering from dropped signals, slow browsing and dead zones with your Wi-fi router, follow the tips given above to immediately extend the range and improve the signal of your router and get back high speed internet.

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