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5 Suggestions for Decorating a Small Bedroom

When you have a small bedroom, decorating it can be a challenging task; because space management is absolutely crucial. You want to place a bed, storage units, and other furniture items to give the room a pleasant look and feel, but you have to plan everything minutely. It is important to measure the floor area of the room meticulously so that the bed, table, and the decorative merchandise can be bought as per the space allotment. Here are some small bedroom design ideas for interior decoration..

Create a focal point: Every room requires a focal point to maintain visual harmony. Most of the times, the focal point is the head of the bed, which you can make more attention-grabbing by placing large pillows. In a small room, a large window can also be the focal point. However, as you don’t want to divert viewers’ attention by creating two separate focal points; it is wise to place the bed in front of the window to maintain a single focal point for visual hierarchy.

Keep open floor space: You may want to buy a large bed so that two or three people can sleep on it easily, but buying a large bed for a small room is not a wise decision. Instead, you should go for a smaller bed and buy a top-quality mattress or get a natural latex mattress from Luxtex so that your comfort level doesn’t get compromised.  You should search Google for the best foam mattress 2017 as it offers superior comfort. Try to invest in a bed that comes with storage facility. This way, you can store your pillows, bed sheets, and blankets in the storage to keep the bed clutter free. As the small yet comfortable bed doesn’t occupy too much carpet area, the room instantly looks bigger than it actually is.

Use colors intelligently: There are two ways to utilize colors in a small bedroom. You may paint the walls in white or yellow color and cover the bed with white satin sheets so that the natural light can illuminate the bedroom properly. However, if you think white and grey shades are boring, then you can use bright orange or green or sky blue color bed sheets and pillow covers. However, it is wise to paint the walls in light reflecting colors such as white or lemon yellow so that the bedroom looks energetic 24×7.

Windows are your best friend: Since the room is small, you should have large windows so that the people living in the bedroom don’t feel cramped. Large windows give you a panoramic view of the outside world. You should not use large, heavy curtains to make the most of the natural light. However, you may install pain roller blinds to maintain the privacy of your bedroom.

Maximize the storage space: Since you don’t have a large floor, it is wise to use the vertical area as much as possible. A floor to ceiling storage unit can help you store a lot of items over the years. You can buy a nightstand with plenty of drawers so that your spectacles, books, and iPad can be stored in it when you finally decide to sleep at night. 


Space management is the key to the beautiful decoration of a small bedroom.  Utilize the guidelines shared above and also go through various interior decoration magazines to find out innovative and cost-effective home décor tips.

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