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A Closer Look at the Best Diabetes Tech for 2018

After extensive research we have rounded up some of the most interesting diabetes products that were released this year, along with an overview of when they hit the market. It would be great if we could get a cure for diabetes, but sadly that isn’t quite where we’re at with science – yet. So, for now we’ll just have to accept a better quality of life – and that’s exactly what these offer. Given how frustrating and stressful diabetes was even 20 years ago, we’ll definitely take what the markets are offering.

Best Diabetes Tech 2018

Insulin Pump with CGM System – Animas G5 Integrated Vibe

Overview: This insulin pump combines Dexcom G5 technology with the Vibe system from Animas. It is the only pump on the market that is suitable for use by children as young as two years old that are suffering from type 1 diabetes. This exciting product was submitted to the FDA for pre-market approval back in June 2016.

FreeStyle Libre and FreeStyle Libre from Abbott’s

Overview: The Freestyle Libre Pro was awarded approval by the FDA in September 2016 and hit the market not long after. It is a very compact glucose sensor which can be worn on the triceps, and can last for up to 14 days. It measures glucose levels in the interstitial fluids and will give a new reading every 15 minutes. It does not require any intervention from the patient, and it removes the need for finger prick tests. The higher-end version of the device includes the same sensors, and can be used with a handheld device or a smartphone app so that you can get real-time updates and blood glucose trends.

Given how frustrating and stressful diabetes was even 20 years ago, we’ll definitely take what the markets are offering, whether that’s neuropathy shoes or insulin pumps.

Dexcom Touchscreen Receiver

Overview: The new version of the Dexcom Touchscreen receiver is an upgrade version of the one that is already on the market, and it fixes a number of issues, including speaker troubles and general durability issues. In addition to the reader, there is also an android app that lets smartphone owners get their CGM G5 data on phone. iPhone owners can already do this.

Orthotic Shop

Orthotic shop have a wide array of shoes for diabetics that can really help with blood flow to feet. These shoes are scientifically created to provide diabetics with support and what’s needed for healthy feet.

OneTouch Via from LifeScan

Overview: This is a wearable device suitable for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, that delivers on-demand insulin doses for meal times. It is a slim, water-resistant patch with 200 units of insulin that can be worn for a period of up-to three days. The product has evolved as the design was submitted to the FDA, but it is a very interesting and handy product for any diabetic.

MiniMed 670G and the Enlite 3 Hybrid Closed Loop by Medtronic

Overiew: This is an insulin pump with a difference. It is a hybrid closed loop pump that obtains data via continuous glucose monitoring, so that you can tweak the basal rates that are delivered to the user from the pump. The pump is not fully automated, but it does relieve a lot of the stress that is associated with managing the condition, and helps to keep people’s blood sugar on an even keel.

G5 Mobile CGM Integration from Tandem’s Dexcom With Predictive Low Glucose Suspend

Following on from the release of the 2016 t:slim X2 pump, Tandem has been focusing on even more advanced technology. They have added Bluetooth to their glucose monitoring products, to allow better monitoring, and in the same vein they have the CGM data that will help to predict blood sugar trends, reducing the risk and frequency of hyopglycemic episodes.

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