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3 Tools To Improve Your Company’s Email Marketing

Is email marketing a priority for your business in 2019-20?

Finding and using a good marketing strategy is one of the main factors to increase sales. Choosing the best marketing services can have a significant impact on the success of your campaign, so as not to dump the sweaty money from your business down the drain.

3 Tools To Improve Your Company's Email Marketing

There are many ways to advertise your company, some spending too much and sometimes not having the expected result, and others spending too little and with satisfactory gains.

What has stood out is email marketing, for its low cost and good returns. However, many companies are still unable to launch attractive and successful email campaigns and instead bomb customers with inappropriate offers.

But here we will list three tools to improve customer engagement, going far beyond traditional email marketing, which sometimes sells something or sends a discount coupon.

What kind of return to expect?

This is important if you like to set goals, here are some returns you can expect if you start using the tools, one or both.

  • More visits to the site and blog;
  • More phone calls;
  • More email address captures from potential customers;
  • Strengthening the brand – Branding;

Let’s get to the point: 3 software to help your company’s marketing, all with low cost and great ROI potential.

Note: None of the suggestions have an affiliate link.

1) Biteable – Short Video Marketing

If you want someone to pay attention to what you have to say in your emails, video in your email marketing is one of the best tools at your disposal.

Biteable is a tool for creating promotional videos or short presentations. The idea here is for you to incorporate the video into your email campaign. The block of video content extracts a thumbnail image of your YouTube or Vimeo video and overwrites a playback button icon.

If you’ve made a video with Biteable, it will upload it directly to YouTube. Follow this sample email with an embedded video using Mailchimp.

3 Tools To Improve Your Company's Email Marketing

The marketing results are promising! Simply using the word video in your email subject increases aperture rates by 19% and click rates by 65%.

Video is an incredibly powerful form of content. It increases engagement rates and often makes us give up what we are doing to assist you.


2) Bybrand – E-mail Signature Generator

Bybrand is an email signature generator made for IT managers and marketing professionals, it’s not just about email signatures, it’s a strong marketing channel too.

3 Tools To Improve Your Company's Email Marketing

With Bybrand you can create beautiful HTML email signatures and paste them into your email marketing or engage employees in spontaneous marketing. Think fast how many regular emails your company sends per day, week or month – this an excellent opportunity to increase site visits, social networking or phone calls.

Here we have an example of an HTML email signature that you could be used in outgoing messages from employees.

3 Tools To Improve Your Company's Email Marketing

The telephone number and address of the site, which are the primary means of contact, was highlighted. As an addition, a banner added at the end, which can be using for a promotion, event, or an open job vacancy in your company. In other ways, you may also want to link a post on the blog or to a web page of your company.

Here are other email signature templates for sectors of your company. You can have departments with different signatures, as messages often involve professionals from different fields.


3) Revue – Email Bulletins (curation)

The Revue is an excellent tool for newsletters, for specific audiences. Imagine something like people in love with a cat video. You connect sources to add content to your newsletters, such as Facebook or Instagram, and build a direct relationship with your readers.

Here’s an example of Cherie Hu, and her Water and Music newsletter.

Cherie’s weekly updates at the crossroads of music, technology, creativity, business, people, travel and potatoes. (free translation)

3 Tools To Improve Your Company's Email Marketing

The example is a great way to gain a contact base and stable potential customers. Think of your business as a pet shop and you feeding a newsletter with Revue to people who are interested in puppy clothing and accessories.

Regardless of your niche market, this is a great marketing tool with many possibilities.


4) Flashy – Email Marketing for eCommerce

If you have an eCommerce store your needs a lot more from the usual email marketing platforms, you want to track what most interests your customers and send them the products that best suit them, you need to understand each one of your customers purchase behavior and create targeted segments. This is what Flashy focused on, delivering the best email marketing for ecommerce platform that also include marketing automations features that can have a huge part on your store success, If you looking to create relationships with your customers automatically, for example when a customer abandons the cart send them 3 follow-up emails , when a new visitor signs up send welcome series and more, you must use email marketing platform that is suitable for eCommerce.



Fortunately, there is an ocean of tried and tested tools to improve marketing and consequently sales for your company or organization. These three above works in all cases, and is basically focused on email.

Campaign Monitor even did a study that showed that for every $1, a company invests in email marketing; they will see a $38 return.

If used correctly, it should be your highest ROI sales channel, the video use to get more attention, an HTML email signature that generates more clicks and social movement, and finally, a content curatorship to feed the earned leads.

And last but not least. What did you think of those tools? Which one did you find most useful or interesting? Do you have a suggestion? Please write in the comments.

John Paul
John Paul
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