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Successful People Without A Formal Education

If you ever heard from your parents about the importance of high education, your family belongs to that majority of formal education supporters. There is nothing wrong with it. However, we are lucky to have a wide range of options in the 21st century. Online courses, distant education, and internships – those are just the basic ways you can actually learn without visiting the boring classes. What is more, these alternatives have been working out for thousands of people including Beyonce, Tony Robbins, and Mary Kay Ash.

Successful People Without A Formal Education

“If You Can’t You Must, And If You Must You Can”

Today, when many people feel desperate about their place under the sun, such people as Anthony Robbins lighten up their way. He is known as a famous motivational speaker and an emotional intelligence coach. Due to his seminars, people get a smile on their faces and hope in their hearts. Do you think it would be possible if Tony spent hours searching for free essays online? He shares about self-education being the most favorable option for him “I chose my disciplines and my schedule by myself, so there is no one to blame for my failures” Tony mentioned in one of his interviews.

“Okay, Ladies, Now Let’s Get in Formation”

Everyone has danced to the “Single Ladies” at least once. We actually wouldn’t if Beyoncé would have actually obtained her high school degree. Who would perform the iconic dance and promote the image of powerful women? Beyoncé decided to leave Aleiff Elsie High School (TX) after beginning her path as a destiny child. For sure, it affected her personal life and career: her big family and she seem to be pretty happy when receiving yearly piles of awards on the famous stages. Finally, what can be more successful than the former First Lady of the US Michelle Obama paying tribute to you and your #Formation movement?

 “I Created This Company For You”

One of the most popular brands of cosmetics “Mary Kay” was found by a woman with no high education. What is more, Mary Kay Ash started her pathway before being a female-entrepreneur was socially accepted by the patriarchal society. Her early marriage didn’t let her pursue a degree; however, the natural talent for sales and charisma she had opened new doors on her path. Since 1960, she was contributing to the business education of women despite male-dominated communities around. Today, “Mary Kay” employs thousands of consultants all around the world and provides decent cosmetics at affordable prices.

People above proved that genuine success doesn’t imply intense studying. At the same time, we can’t assure you that there is no need for college; still, it is certainly not for everyone. If you imagine your career path without the stage of formal education – be brave enough to skip it and save time for the actual practice. It is time to break the stereotypes about education and put it on a brand new level.

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John Paul
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