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Moving is one of the most tasking things ever. In fact, only a few other activities outweigh moving in terms of stress. Moving not only practically digs up your life from one spot but it also involves a strenuous physical process. Moving is definitely hardworking and packing up your stuff can be extremely overwhelming.

With that in mind, this blog gives you fantastic tips to ease the process of moving, from the point of packing to the point of unloading. Jump in as we take you on a ride.

  1. Draft a Timetable

Procrastination will hit you hard and cause you to panic realizing that you’re not prepared for the day you’re meant to move. So, Draft out a comprehensive plan of the amount of time you have left, how much time you will need to pack up all items in the house and then a timetable which you must stick to.

  1. Pack Only The Things That Are Needed And Wanted – Nothing More!

Really analyze yourself and your belongings by taking a really serious look at all your stuff to determine what you really need and want. Then get rid of the articles that you do not need and will not need.

  1. Use Open-Me-First Boxes

Take all your essentials and the things you really cannot do without in this life and pack them up in a box. These essentials should be the things that you will need especially on your first day at the new home that you’re moving into. These essentials should include personal effects, toiletries, bedsheets, medicines, and anything that will get you ripping your boxes apart just to find them. You could also smuggle in any book you’ve been reading in recent times.

  1. Keep Very Important Items In Your Possession

Ensure that all items in your open-me-first boxes stay in your possession in the event that the truck transporting your things does not get to your new home on time. Ensure that important documents like paperwork and keys are kept in your possession too.

  1. Use Clearly Written Labels On Your Boxes

Clearly label your boxes so that the process of unloading them in the room that is exactly meant for them will be less stressful. This will also save you a lot of precious time.

  1. Be Sure Of What Each Box Contains

Ensure that each of the boxes has a description of the contents written on them in brief words. This will be very helpful when you need to access any item urgently. Instead of rummaging through all boxes trying to find what you need exactly, simply taking a look at the written description will save you a lot of time. You can also number the boxes and capture them using your camera so that you’ll quickly determine what items match what numbers.

  1. Do Not Over Pack Boxes

Just because you hired a truck to help you move does not mean you have to overstuff your boxes when moving. Remember that the movers are not superheroes. Pack up heavier items like books into small size boxes so that they can be easily carried. Remember not to leave spaces in boxes. Ensure that all empty spaces are fitted with lightweight items blankets and towels. These will ensure that your items are tightly packed.

  1. Pack All Your Chargers

Ensure that all your chargers and cords are packed even if you can’t immediately match them up. Put chargers and cords into one specific box as you come across them and then you can try matching them when you begin to unpack.

  1. Color Tapes Are Cool

Color tapes will make it easier to determine what box goes into what room. Color tapes are easily spotted on boxes than markers.

  1. Put All Breakables In One Place

When packing, ensure that breakable items like ceramic plates and cups, glass plates, and fragile items are packed together. You can tightly wrap them together using lots of packing paper so as to prevent them from breaking or from having cracks.

  1. Replace Bubble Wraps With Towels Or Blankets

Instead of using bubble wraps, use towels or blankets to wrap your fragile items as this will keep them more durable.

  1. Capture Images When Dismantling Your Furniture

Most times, people experience difficulties with coupling their furniture back together after getting them dismantled. Capture images using your mobile phone or camera so that they will guide you once it’s to resemble your furniture.

  1. Use Very Good Boxes

This is very important. It would be bad to have your items fall apart due to your boxes coming apart. You can buy some strong boxes at liquor stores or at stores that mostly sell big-box items. Spending some money to buy stronger boxes won’t kill you.

  1. Change Your Address

Never forget to visit the postal service and have your address changed. This will enable the post office to have your mail forwarded to your new home address. Remember to make changes to your address if you have any subscriptions or services related to finance like your credit card and so on. This will ensure that your keep getting vital information in your mail.

  1. Remember To Pay The DMV a Visit

If you’re moving to a new state then you have to get your vehicle registered. Even if you’re just moving within the same state, you will have to obtain another drivers license and get registered so that you can vote.

  1. Cooking Is Not Mandatory

It is okay to eat takeout instead of cooking during the first few days in your new environment. This can help you try out the local restaurants to know what they look like.

  1. Take It Slowly

Take the patience and time you need when unpacking. It is essential that you have everything put on the place where they should really be. If you can’t figure out where certain items should go the first day, keep them aside in boxes. As time goes by, you will eventually reach a decision.


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